Saturday, 15 February 2014

Put on your dancin' shoes and dance away the blues

So some of you may not be aware of this but I'm a HUGE Cliff Richard fan (when he was young of course)
When I was a child my mum recorded all of his films for me and we watched them on a Sunday.
Last time I was home we re-watched 'Summer Holiday' probably his most famous film and having seen how beautiful the costumes are I thought I'd share the following clips.
there doesnt seem to be any pictures from the film online and trying to make screen grabs just made everything blurry, but with the videos you get the added bonus of the songs too.
This clip is where they first meet girl band 'the Do Rey Me's' all of whom has great hair and costumes throughout!
In a beatnik club, the girls all have amazing capri pants on and can we take a minute to appreciate Steve's tight white trousers? hello!
Just after Barbara is revealed as a girl she wears the most perfect low back candy striped sundress.
Hours have been lost searching ebay for a similar sundress. Cliff looks really handsome here too.
my favourite part of the film is where they go waltzing! everyone of the girls has the most dream worthy dress on with matching shoes and gorgeous hair styles! where are these dresses now?
I'd hate to imagine what I'd be willing to do to get my paws on the orange floral and the olive green beauties!
this is a long one but the only clip I could find, skip to about 3 minutes to see some more drool worthy early 60s cotton sundresses! (also Cliff in a fishnet T-shirt is a bizarrely attractive sight and my boys most loathed scene ;) )

if anyone knows where a gal could get her mitts on dresses like this please let me know!

I might do another post on the Cliff film 'wonderful life' because the costumes in that are just as stunning!

Love Hollie xx

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Souvenirs from my sweetheart

Well it's a very gloomy Sunday here in London and I've spent the day cleaning and staying cosy in pyjamas listening to Patsy Cline.

Whilst sorting my bedside table I found my collection of WW2 sweetheart souvenirs and
after an instagram conversation with the very lovely A Vintage Nerd about her 1940s brooch collection,I decided to do a post showing a few of my treasures, they're too pretty to be hidden away in my cupboard!

 This is probably my favourite, a handmade mother of pearl sweetheart pin but its so fragile I darent wear it!

 American Army badge with enamel 'sweetheart' attached
 These two are 'Son in Service' pins, the number of stars indicate how many son's a mother had in active service.
 These two are teeny-tiny! The castle is the symbol of the American engineers, it has a bar attached but I'm not sure what this would have been used for, maybe an engraved message or name? The eagle is the generic symbol of the US Army but I love this one as, despite its tiny size, the details are still coloured with enamel.
 Something about this US Army locket just gets me every time, its so beautifully detailed. I just wish I knew who it belonged to and whose precious photo it housed in its past life!

 This is probably my favourite sweetheart piece from my collection. Its a WW2 British Royal Engineers compact made by Stratton. My boy has recently left the British Army but when he gave me this he was a serving Royal Engineer, making this one extra special. Don't get me wrong I love all of my pieces but this one is treasured just a tiny bit more as it's so personal to us.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my collection. I also have a collection of souvenir handkerchiefs but I will save them for another time.

do you have any sweetheart pieces or any other collections that you hold dear? I'd love to hear about them!

bye for now.

Love Hollie xxx

Friday, 10 January 2014

Battles Bridge

Happy New Year everyone!
I'm finally back with my first post of 2014!
For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a brand spanking new camera, these pictures are from a
trip to Battles Bridge antique center.
I couldn't wait taking the new beauty for a test spin which is why these images aren't the best!
(bear with me, I still have no idea how to use it!) but I did think some of these had a certain charm so thought I'd post them any how.

I wore: vintage fur collar
vintage pink car coat
Freddies of Pinewood jeans 
Office brogue boots
Viv bag

for some reason this picture is in focus everywhere other than my face, typical!

Hope you lovely lot have a very Merry Christmas and heres hoping 2014 brings
you all joy, love and good fortune!

bye for now!

Love Hollie xxx