Saturday, 23 November 2013

Veronica lake waves and creme puff

 Hey there!
Today I thought I'd show you something I've had for a while now, It's a 1950's Max Factor compact and its just the sweetest thing!
The compact itself is cream plastic with little grey starbursts on the front.
I'm not sure how popular plastic compacts were but I'd never really come across them before now.

it even still has makeup inside! and its original sponge.
I always like it when you find a piece by a brand that is still in business today!

As I had the morning to myself I had time to set my hair, a luxury at the moment what with all the 5am alarms and corporate uniform.
I tried my hand at Veronica Lake style waves and was pretty pleased with the outcome.

I also tried something else new, a polo neck jumper...
I know they're a classic and fairly tame but I never thought I could pull it off before.
Its so cold in London at the moment that worries of looking like a floating head disappeared with the need for warmth!
I'd be really interested to hear how you other vintage ladies stay cosy as the nights draw in?
i find spring and summer easy with cotton dresses and circle skirts but how do you team vintage glamour with more practical needs?

love Hollie xx


  1. Gorgeous hair, outfit (I love a classic black turtle/polo neck sweater for winter, too - I have a lilac hued one as well from the 50s that I'm rather fond of, too), and vintage plastic compact. It's so cool that not only is some of the powder still intact, but that the original sponge is there, too. Surely that must be quite a rare find (I've never seen them with the vintage compacts I've seen for sale at various spots in person over the years).

    Have a fantastic Sunday!
    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* I have a post coming up in early December all about some of my favourite (stylish) ways to stay warm during the icy winter months, which includes such pieces as muffs, crinolines (they're an awesome layer of insulation), and headkerchiefs.

  2. the skirt is fantastic. it fits you like a glove.

    today is the first super cold day here in berlin ... i can't wait to read a post about how to stay warm in icy winter! ... ja, crinolines are good friends in wintertime. :)

  3. It's amazing how you came up with this get up! With this, you have shown that office fashion doesn't have to be drab. And with a bit customization, you could formulate office wear that's fabulous, but still manages to stick to the office dress code. Thanks!
    Joel McCall @ Corporate Shirts Direct