Wednesday, 28 August 2013

rainy twinwood!

Hello Again! just a really quick update on my Saturday at twinwood!
it was super fun even with the torrential rain!
my absolute highlight was seeing these guys! they were AMAZING!
Here we are in the 5 minutes it stopped raining long enough to get a photograph!  
I'm wearing my amazing cowboy print western dress and my pirate college jacket.
my honey has started to embrace vintage style recently and looked super handsome
in his Freddies, brown boots and US Navy shirt.
and here is a sneaky one we took on Papa Jones' camera.
moral of the story do not leave us to look after cameras unless this is the outcome you want!
did anyone else go to twinwood this weekend?
I already can't wait for next year when i can stay the entire weekend!
love Hollie xx


  1. Please don't use the term "squaw".

    Here in Canada, it's like using the "N" word in the US.

    But you look like you had a fantastic day out.

  2. I'm terribly sorry, i had no idea! i genuinely thought thats what these dresses were called. didnt mean to cause offense. yes it was a great day out. thank you.

  3. Awesome outfit - both of you! How wonderful that your honey has started to embrace vintage fashions, too. I'll always secretly harbour the hope that my fellow will, too.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. your cowboy dress is so gorgeous. omg, i almost called it 'squ...' dress, too. good to know. luckily these dresses have a lot of names: what a great patio dress.