Monday, 19 August 2013

Chapel of love..

Well yet again, I've been incredibly neglectful of this little blog, but instead of explaining why that is I thought I'd finally update this with some of the lovely this I've been up to recently.

one of the best things to happen was having the absolute pleasure of watching one of my very very dear friends marry the love of her life.
(I should say most of these pictures are courtesy of the very talented wedding photographer, Alan Martin unless slightly blurred then they are thanks to my shaky phone)
the happy couple signing the dotted line!
My honey and I.
4 ruined dresses later I ended up rescuing this 50s brocade dress from the back of my wardrobe!

beautiful table decorations!
Cake made by the father of the bride, cake topper made by the clever crafty bride!

Anna and I joked throughout the run up to the big day that it should be our wedding as I was just as excited as she was! 
This is a picture of our first dance ;)! I imagine it was to our spirit guide, Dolly Parton!

it was such a wonderful, emotional, beautiful day full of good friends free flowing drinks and dancing until the makeup and hair were destroyed!!

Its been two week since the big day and once again I'd like to congratulate my beautiful friend Anna and her handsome husband David on their marriage!

next time my tram ride back to the 1940s!

love Hollie xx


  1. Joyful wishes to your dear friends!

    Your dress is stunning, sweet gal. I have a 50s cocktail frock in somewhat similar fabric, though the colour is much more of rusty orange-red.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your tram ride.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Looks like a lovely day! And beautiful dresses from both of ye!