Wednesday, 28 August 2013

rainy twinwood!

Hello Again! just a really quick update on my Saturday at twinwood!
it was super fun even with the torrential rain!
my absolute highlight was seeing these guys! they were AMAZING!
Here we are in the 5 minutes it stopped raining long enough to get a photograph!  
I'm wearing my amazing cowboy print western dress and my pirate college jacket.
my honey has started to embrace vintage style recently and looked super handsome
in his Freddies, brown boots and US Navy shirt.
and here is a sneaky one we took on Papa Jones' camera.
moral of the story do not leave us to look after cameras unless this is the outcome you want!
did anyone else go to twinwood this weekend?
I already can't wait for next year when i can stay the entire weekend!
love Hollie xx

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Tram ride back to the 40s!

A few weeks ago my beau and i travelled back up north to visit my lovely mum,
whilst there we took a family trip to the tramway museum in Crich for their annual 1940s weekend.
the weather was on our side and the setting could not have been better. The museum is set out like an old fashioned high street with the wonderfully restored trams traveling from one end to the other throughout the day. There were a few stalls, music in the bandstand and a parade of beautiful old cars.
my honey and I on the bridge.
I wore my newly acquired freddies dungeree dolls with a floral blouse.
ive barely taken these overalls off since they they arrived, love them so much!

lovely old bus outside the wonderfully restored (full stocked) 1940s pub!
Could of caught this one back to London!

beautiful cars in the Parade!
The Boy and I took on the play park to maximum success!
There werent many stalls on site but I managed pick up one of the best bargains of the year!
these two pairs of shoes cost the princely sum of £30 for both.
the pair on the right are lovely 1950s evening shoes, they have the prettiest shaped heel but the
pair in the centre are the real stars, 1940s CC stamped snakeskin peep toe platforms! best of all
they fit!!

I'm going to make a conscious effort to update more regularly from now, I have a whole new room
and if you follow me on instagram you'll have seen my other exciting addition already!

thats all for now!

Love Hollie xx

Monday, 19 August 2013

Chapel of love..

Well yet again, I've been incredibly neglectful of this little blog, but instead of explaining why that is I thought I'd finally update this with some of the lovely this I've been up to recently.

one of the best things to happen was having the absolute pleasure of watching one of my very very dear friends marry the love of her life.
(I should say most of these pictures are courtesy of the very talented wedding photographer, Alan Martin unless slightly blurred then they are thanks to my shaky phone)
the happy couple signing the dotted line!
My honey and I.
4 ruined dresses later I ended up rescuing this 50s brocade dress from the back of my wardrobe!

beautiful table decorations!
Cake made by the father of the bride, cake topper made by the clever crafty bride!

Anna and I joked throughout the run up to the big day that it should be our wedding as I was just as excited as she was! 
This is a picture of our first dance ;)! I imagine it was to our spirit guide, Dolly Parton!

it was such a wonderful, emotional, beautiful day full of good friends free flowing drinks and dancing until the makeup and hair were destroyed!!

Its been two week since the big day and once again I'd like to congratulate my beautiful friend Anna and her handsome husband David on their marriage!

next time my tram ride back to the 1940s!

love Hollie xx