Thursday, 6 June 2013

Brighton Birthday

Well, it's been a while again hasnt it.
I never seem to find the time to update regularly.
anyway.. a couple of weeks ago it was my beautiful house mate, Gillians birthday.
To celebrate we had a girls day out in brighton
we started the day right with a Babycham train breakfast from Hello Kitty paper cups
We ate lunch at a wonderful vegetarian restaurant in the lanes and even managed to smuggle a cake in
to surprise the birthday girl! isnt she the cutest!
After filling our bellies of delicious food and birthday cake we took a stroll along the pier!
My BFF and I were imagining ourselves as old ladies living together by the sea!
It was only natural to take a twirl on the carousel!
For our day out I wore a thrifted wool pencil skirt, my beloved fringed collectif
priscilla jacket and black/white saddle shoes. I just adore this jacket!
whenever I wear it I feel like Dolly, June, Loretta, Wanda and Patsy all at once!
Oh god, if I die please let me come back as a strong 70s country queen!
Post Pose we sort out some souviners in the form of tacky rock, I bought beau some that said 'you plonker' through it! and people say romance is dead!
Here we all are having some birthday drinks on the beach.
We had such a lovely day and it was wonderfull to get out of London
with the girls!
Has anyone been upto anything fun recently?

Love Hollie xx