Friday, 12 April 2013

Miss Dior

Hello lovelies,
as some of you may be aware, something magical is currently happening at Harrod's!
The Dior at Harrods exhibition, which I had no idea about until I stumbled upon it yesterday
whilst there with my mum and sister.
please be warned this is a VERY picture heavy post, everything was to beautiful for my poor heart(and camera) to bare!
ps. my phone was dying fast so I wasn't able to use my flash, I did the best I could with what I had!
 photo dior-harrods-468x231_zpsa34988f7.jpg
Dear Mr Dior, 
How I love you and your utterly perfect designs!
   photo 2013-04-11165417_zpsae25925b.jpg
truly magical Dior dolls house facade
 photo 2013-04-11165510_zpsd3fdeacf.jpg
Original muslin mock up suit!
 photo 2013-04-11165603_zps0ae917e9.jpg
Be still my beating heart! The Dior 'New Look' suit in the flesh!
 I was completely awe-struck at the sight of it.
 photo 2013-04-11165740_zps807f7edd.jpg
Our beautiful Queen and equally beautiful outfits!
Oh hi there Duchess of Windsor shoes, How I wish I had your namesakes wardrobe!
 photo 2013-04-11170139_zps89564a0b.jpg
Tiny Dior Dolls!
 photo 2013-04-11170151_zpsbacd165f.jpg
Close up of the 'Pinks' just look at that bustle and bow neck swing coat!
Considering my terrible photo skills and lack of flash I was so pleased when I caught the moment
Grace Kelly was projected over this incredible dress! Favourite picture of the day
for sure!
 photo 2013-04-11171235_zps6acba94a.jpg
I sure could get used to Dior back lighting!
I was totally unprepared for having my picture taken having been rained on
 and dressed in a cosy but faily drab outfit of black cardigan,tights, pumps and thick belt.
The only redeeming features are my atomic print 1950's skirt and beloved box bag.

 photo 2013-04-11171635_zps9f4d4237.jpg
and finally original footage of the man himself being ingeniously projected onto
this giant chair. Magical!

If you are in and around London, I cannot possible recommend visiting this enough!
It totally took me by surprise and completely took my breath away!

I'm already planning on going back as soon as I get chance!

Has anyone already visited?

Love Hollie xx


  1. What an interesting exhibit. I was lucky enough to catch YSL's exhibit which included the years he designed for Dior. Those frocks were absolutely stunning.


  2. Eek. I think my heart did stop when I saw the suit! I wish I could go. It looks dreamy!

  3. Oh my heavens, I think that my heart would have been at a very serious risk of stopping if I was in the presence of so much incredible vintage Dior. What a true dream of an exposition. Thank you very much for sharing snaps of it with us (especially those who live on the other side of the pond and won't be able to make it into Harrods).

    ♥ Jessica

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