Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Jour trois

So here it is, my final installment and boy, is it  big'un!
as I said before we finally got into our photo stride on day 3, this is a greatly edited whistle stop tour of our last day!
So after our trip back to the 50's we headed for the Louvre, once again passing the lock bridge. My soldier suggested we take another look as it had been a bit rushed the first time round, then possibly the most romantic thing that's ever happened to me,happened.My extremely unemotional and unsentimental hard nosed military boy produced a small engraved padlock from the depths of his bag. I was so overcome that my eyes got a bit teary and I assured him post-lock he can never pretend to hate romance again!

panaramic Louvre
caught unawares, I'm wearing my 1950s Dorris Day dress from this post and a beautiful heavily beaded cardigan.My little case was a birthday present and I'm so in love with it, I had a brown one exactly the same that broke, I was so happy to find a replacement exactly the same!
It wasn't until we had been inside the gallery for a while that i had a funny sense of deja vu, i had seen this stair case someplace before. Then it dawned on me! FUNNY FACE! my favourite Audrey film had of course used the Louvre as a back drop! I couldn't resist a quick photo in the same spot!
Its difficult to channel Audrey at the best of times 
let alone on a Sunday afternoon with crowds all around!
favourite pose all over Paris!
After the Louvre we took this funny little thing to continue cramming as many tourist attractions into
2 hours as possible!the driver was so funny and if you look closely hes doing
a secret double thumbs up through the window! I did feel a bit like I might die though!
death wagon!
But finally we made it to the piesta resistance.
The Eiffel Tower! how can anyone resist it! every time I caught sight of it I felt
Like Carrie from SATC letting out a little gasp!
stuffing crepes in!

The wall of the Trocadero was made for posing!
last but not least another photo caught unawares but maybe of my favourites of the whole trip.

So there you have it, 3 long very photo heavy posts and that was my trip to Paris!
we had the most wonderful time,how I wish I was there again! more than anything
it was just lovely to have my boy all to myself ! I really
could get used to that!

Now back to reality but not for long I have a trip to Amsterdam planned at the end of April with my
BFF! if anyone has any suggestions please do let me know!

thats all from me for now!

Love Hollie xx


  1. Well that lock story is the most romantic thing I've ever heard! I nearly welled up just reading it!
    Lucky girl!
    Looks like you had a swell trip - any holiday where you can pretend to be Audrey Hepburn is a successful one in my book :) x

  2. I've enjoyed this Paris series of posts so very much! Thank you for taking a Canadian arm chair traveler like me on a fantastic tour of this breath-taking European city.

    ♥ Jessica