Friday, 1 March 2013

J'aime Paris : Une

so, here is my first post about my recent Paris trip.
It is VERY picture heavy, be warned.I'm also experimenting with bigger
pictures at the moment, let me know what you think.
We arrived just after lunch, dropped of the bags and headed straight to the catacombs.
I might add it was FREEZING,I'd never been so cold that my skin burnt, well I have now!
Misty Catacombs entrance.
Heart shaped skulls.
After we'd eaten some amazing food in Cafe Indiana, we took a stroll around stopping in a beautiful park to have mulled wine in the snow, it was magical but I feel cold just thinking about it!
We then got our first glimpse on the Eiffel tower and stopped to take some typical tourist photos!
My Soldier
This would become our holiday pose of choice!
We continued walking and soon found ourselves at the river, stumbling across one of the destinations that was top of my list! the lovers lock bridge!
Love locks.
Freezing but trying to feel glamourous in my trusty green/faux fur coat, tan brogue boots and vintage bag!
Chief navigation officer planning our next move.
This is what it looks like when your bones turn to ice!
Not long after this we headed back to the hotel to get ready to see Deftones at le Trianon. Needless to say they were AMAZING! I had waited a grand total of 13years to see them live and they did not dissapoint! I was instantly 15 again and in honour of this to finish, a close up of the man himself...Chino Morino,
 it takes a certain type of man to rock dickies this well!

and that was day one!
jour deux coming soon!
Bye for now!

Love Hollie xx


  1. You do look chilled through and though, oh my goodness! Brave gal you, facing the elements to sight see around the city of lights. You guys saw so much on the first day, way. Can't wait to see jour deux!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Aww, so envy of your trip to Paris! Such a romantic weekend. Even though it's a cliché, that's the perfect city for lovers... xx

  3. Go jealous! I really want to see Paris - and I bet it's a million times better with a loved one.
    Can't wait to see more snaps :) x

    1. And of course by 'go jealous', I mean 'so jealous'.
      My envy is impacting my ability to spell two-letter words now apparently. Oh dear...

  4. Amazing - Paris is one of the best cities in the world! I adore the lovers lock bridge...did you add a lock? ;) I last went to Paris in 2011...overdue another visit (here was my Paris post: Looking forward to your next instalment.

    ps. The bigger pictures are better, and I just love your handbag in these pics! x

  5. thank you for all your lovely comments ladies! I had an absolute ball! feel so sad now it's all over! Mel, I've just looked at your Paris post, you two are just the cutest and am mildly envious of the bright sunshine you had! hmmm did we add a lock? you'll have to wait and see for my last installment ;) .....

    ps. i agree i think the big pictures are a big improvement! xx

  6. A very Happy, very Belated Birthday to you, you certainly celebrated it in style! You might be frozen but you look mega glamorous, I especially love you brogue boots, they are wonderful! xx