Friday, 22 March 2013

A Passionate Woman

listen to this whilst reading
Well, the wind is howling outside, the rain is battering at my windows and my housemates
are all out leaving me home alone so I thought I'd do a little post about my new favourite dress.
A few of my dresses including my first Horrockses, eek!
This beautiful little buttercup coloured 50s cotton shirt dress was bought on a complete whim in the last seconds from ebay, in fact I bid on impulse not even really being sure what I was bidding on but gee am I glad I got it! it fits like a glove and was,as ever, a pure steal! and best of all,as soon as I put it on I was reminded of beautiful Betty from A Passionate Woman!
If you haven't seen this amazing program I absolutely insist you instantly stream it, Billie Piper is  perfection!
Please can I be Betty dancing with my beautiful boy to Johnny Mathis! I have a Certain Smile on 78" and have been listening to it on repeat since this dress arrived.
Despite the insanely bad weather at the moment, I was actually really happy with my very messy curls yesterday. I've recently hacked about 4 inches from the bottom of my hair and I'm really pleased with the way it takes curl now. It feels a bit more of a soft 50s set now which I love. 

I'm going to settle down into bed now with a cup of tea and re watch this dream and swoon over all of the costumes.....and Betty's squeeze, Craze! such a dreamboat!

Hope you're all staying cosy on this dreary Friday night!

Love Hollie xx


  1. Well I can sure see a resemblance :)
    Gorgeous dress! Must make a note to watch this show sometime x

  2. Such a lovely dress! I love that show, it's so good! :) x

  3. Looks really lovely on you. It was meant to be :) x

  4. That dress is so stunning, I would love a shirtwaist dress with long sleeves for winter! Yellow is definitely your colour :)