Friday, 22 March 2013

A Passionate Woman

listen to this whilst reading
Well, the wind is howling outside, the rain is battering at my windows and my housemates
are all out leaving me home alone so I thought I'd do a little post about my new favourite dress.
A few of my dresses including my first Horrockses, eek!
This beautiful little buttercup coloured 50s cotton shirt dress was bought on a complete whim in the last seconds from ebay, in fact I bid on impulse not even really being sure what I was bidding on but gee am I glad I got it! it fits like a glove and was,as ever, a pure steal! and best of all,as soon as I put it on I was reminded of beautiful Betty from A Passionate Woman!
If you haven't seen this amazing program I absolutely insist you instantly stream it, Billie Piper is  perfection!
Please can I be Betty dancing with my beautiful boy to Johnny Mathis! I have a Certain Smile on 78" and have been listening to it on repeat since this dress arrived.
Despite the insanely bad weather at the moment, I was actually really happy with my very messy curls yesterday. I've recently hacked about 4 inches from the bottom of my hair and I'm really pleased with the way it takes curl now. It feels a bit more of a soft 50s set now which I love. 

I'm going to settle down into bed now with a cup of tea and re watch this dream and swoon over all of the costumes.....and Betty's squeeze, Craze! such a dreamboat!

Hope you're all staying cosy on this dreary Friday night!

Love Hollie xx

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Jour trois

So here it is, my final installment and boy, is it  big'un!
as I said before we finally got into our photo stride on day 3, this is a greatly edited whistle stop tour of our last day!
So after our trip back to the 50's we headed for the Louvre, once again passing the lock bridge. My soldier suggested we take another look as it had been a bit rushed the first time round, then possibly the most romantic thing that's ever happened to me,happened.My extremely unemotional and unsentimental hard nosed military boy produced a small engraved padlock from the depths of his bag. I was so overcome that my eyes got a bit teary and I assured him post-lock he can never pretend to hate romance again!

panaramic Louvre
caught unawares, I'm wearing my 1950s Dorris Day dress from this post and a beautiful heavily beaded cardigan.My little case was a birthday present and I'm so in love with it, I had a brown one exactly the same that broke, I was so happy to find a replacement exactly the same!
It wasn't until we had been inside the gallery for a while that i had a funny sense of deja vu, i had seen this stair case someplace before. Then it dawned on me! FUNNY FACE! my favourite Audrey film had of course used the Louvre as a back drop! I couldn't resist a quick photo in the same spot!
Its difficult to channel Audrey at the best of times 
let alone on a Sunday afternoon with crowds all around!
favourite pose all over Paris!
After the Louvre we took this funny little thing to continue cramming as many tourist attractions into
2 hours as possible!the driver was so funny and if you look closely hes doing
a secret double thumbs up through the window! I did feel a bit like I might die though!
death wagon!
But finally we made it to the piesta resistance.
The Eiffel Tower! how can anyone resist it! every time I caught sight of it I felt
Like Carrie from SATC letting out a little gasp!
stuffing crepes in!

The wall of the Trocadero was made for posing!
last but not least another photo caught unawares but maybe of my favourites of the whole trip.

So there you have it, 3 long very photo heavy posts and that was my trip to Paris!
we had the most wonderful time,how I wish I was there again! more than anything
it was just lovely to have my boy all to myself ! I really
could get used to that!

Now back to reality but not for long I have a trip to Amsterdam planned at the end of April with my
BFF! if anyone has any suggestions please do let me know!

thats all from me for now!

Love Hollie xx

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Jour Deux: (Not quite) An American in Paris!

Jour Deux.
I'm not an American but I was in Paris and as Gene will always be the one for me I thought I'd start in ode to him!
Day two of my Paris trip is a bit of a miss match really.
Due to the weather neither of us wanted to hang around posing for long!
we started the morning with a birthday breakfast then headed south to a famed flea market, unfortunatly nothing came home with me but a french lady told me I was fabulous which really made my birthday!
Birthday girl! sporting my'awkward photo face' as my beau calls it!
After being sufficiently chilled by the market we warmed up over mulled wine(for me) and hot choc(for my boy). We wanted to make our way towards Notre Dame in doing so walked through the natural history museum park, it was so pretty and snowy but alas I got know pictures!
Paris 1953-Palais de Tokyo photobooth
As it was My birthday evening our original plan was to find a typical french bisto then hunt out some drinks, but  after a day walking in the snow neither of us fancied more walking and when we located a hard rock cafe 5 minutes away we took no convincing!
Giant/potent but yummy cocktails! we even got to keep the glasses!
Birthday dress and cocktails!
We only seemed to get into out photo taking stride on the last day, I think this is when
we realised we have one day left and not many photos! Because of this, I decided to include a few pictures are from our last day, so's not to overwhelm with my final post!
on our final day we woke up early and headed over to the Louvre, deciding to find some breakfast on route, and what a breakfast it was! I spotted the 'Back to the 50s' diner tucked away down a side street and nearly pulled my poor boy over, as I unexpectedly darted off the main road!
My Soldier happily sipping his beloved mountain dew and my yummy cherry topped milkshake!
As you might imagine from a place called 'back to the 50's' the diner was an absolute delight for both tastebuds and eyes! all teal booths, checkered floor, pink tables and the most beautiful juke box full of doo-wop classic.
I felt like I'd died and gone to heaven!

She really was a beauty!

The food was delicious, rosemary fries and pesto burger!Yum! I also came away with their very own pin-up calendar as a memento.

With our tummies full we ventured back out into the freezing cold to find the Louvre!The final installment of my Paris adventure will be along shortly!
Love Hollie xx

Friday, 1 March 2013

J'aime Paris : Une

so, here is my first post about my recent Paris trip.
It is VERY picture heavy, be warned.I'm also experimenting with bigger
pictures at the moment, let me know what you think.
We arrived just after lunch, dropped of the bags and headed straight to the catacombs.
I might add it was FREEZING,I'd never been so cold that my skin burnt, well I have now!
Misty Catacombs entrance.
Heart shaped skulls.
After we'd eaten some amazing food in Cafe Indiana, we took a stroll around stopping in a beautiful park to have mulled wine in the snow, it was magical but I feel cold just thinking about it!
We then got our first glimpse on the Eiffel tower and stopped to take some typical tourist photos!
My Soldier
This would become our holiday pose of choice!
We continued walking and soon found ourselves at the river, stumbling across one of the destinations that was top of my list! the lovers lock bridge!
Love locks.
Freezing but trying to feel glamourous in my trusty green/faux fur coat, tan brogue boots and vintage bag!
Chief navigation officer planning our next move.
This is what it looks like when your bones turn to ice!
Not long after this we headed back to the hotel to get ready to see Deftones at le Trianon. Needless to say they were AMAZING! I had waited a grand total of 13years to see them live and they did not dissapoint! I was instantly 15 again and in honour of this to finish, a close up of the man himself...Chino Morino,
 it takes a certain type of man to rock dickies this well!

and that was day one!
jour deux coming soon!
Bye for now!

Love Hollie xx