Tuesday, 12 February 2013

American song book.

Morning Guys & Dolls!
Day off today which means blog catch up day!
I had plans to go vintage shopping today, but so far my day has consited of playing dress up and listening to this wonderful CD my beau bought for me.

Whilst I decide weither or not to venture out I thought It about time I debuted this little gem I picked up at a miliatia fair two weeks ago,beautiful crepe dress and what's more..
Its a TWO PIECE! be still my beating heart!
when I reluctantly accompanied my Soldier to yet another military event I never imagined I'd be the one 
bringing home a bargin prize!
The stall I found her on was run by a sweet old man who was clearly far more at home pricing bomb shells and uniform patches as I got my beautiful suit for a tiny £20!
Now onto the details, both dress and jacket are made of beautiful dove grey crepe,
with black beading.
I love the high neck and elbow length sleeves!
There is a little discolouration on the jacket, but that doesn't really bother me, 
I like a little character in my clothes, it shows they have a history.
In these pictures I have also been showing off my beautiful new shoes!
I purchesed these to wear on my birthday, I'm not so sure they will go with my dress but
heck who cares! They could have been taken directly from a 1950s vixen's wardrobe!
I feel very bettie-page-at-a-car-show in them and who wouldn't want to feel like that?

They are the Bordello genie ankle strap and I ordered them from american amazon!

thats all for now, I guess I better put some warm clothes on and venture out!

has anyone else had any vintage luck recently?

Love Hollie xx


  1. Love it! Can't believe a two piece only cost you £20!
    The detailing is just beautiful. Lucky you :) x

  2. Wow, what an absolute steal! Lovely!

  3. What a find!!! You look stunning in it.

  4. You look so elegantly gorgeous! What an awesome find and at such a bargain to boot. Surely finding such a good deal this early in the year must be a sign of what lies ahead for you on the vintage shopping front this year.

    Happiest Valentine's Day wishes to you and your chap,
    ♥ Jessica

  5. What an absolute steal on that dress/suit. Lucky find!


  6. Gorgeous ensemble...and so reasonably priced, it's so nice when you find a vintage seller who has bargains. xx Shauna

  7. this crepe dress is adorable! wow, and you got it for so cheap! lucky girl!

  8. Hello lovely. Such a pretty frock.

    1. Hello! thank you :) need to take it out of the house for a spin! was lovely to meet you the other night! x