Wednesday, 27 February 2013

'A dream is a wish your heart makes'

This past Saturday I turned *cough* 25! *cough*
There's no way of escaping it, I am no longer in my early 20's! boo!
beautiful card from my BFF!
To celebrate my Soldier had organized for us to spend the dreaded day in Paris (it was magical, post's to follow)
As I'd be away on my birthday my mum came down on thursday for pre birthday shopping eating and afternoon tea at the Berkley!
I wore my lovely late 1950s tartan two piece and did my hair in a large 60's style bun
please excuse phone pics, my camera is on its way out at the moment!
I met mum at the station and we went over to spittlefield market,then to brick lane vintage shops, After lunch we made our way over to Knightsbridge for our delicious champagne tea!
As we arrived abit early we took a stroll round Harrod's and stumbled across this magical Disney area!

Limited edition Disney for Harrods Cinderella shoes!! ARGH! stuff of my dreams!
I was pretty much in my elemant inside the specially made Cinderalla palace surrounded by sparkly shoes and Roses! M
y new swing coat was bought just a few hours before and it was so cold out, I put it straight on!

This is probably the worst photo I've ever posted on here but it's the only one I have from the Berkley, aside from the beautiful cakes and champagne it was so lovely to spend some time alone with my mum, we were there for hour's chatting and eating!
Now, onto the gifts!
I have been so utterly spoilt this year, being bought lots of goodies on thursday and receiving some truley beautiful gifts!

Collectif embroidered cardigan and leopard print halter neck from mum,
Celia Birtwell makeup brush from mums friend
Two beautiful vintage brooches my boy surprised me with in Paris!
The most incredible Bordello shoes from my BFF!
They're like a mix of Dita/Dolly/trashy Wizard of Oz! all my favourite things in one!
I love them!

1950S box bag and Ginger Rogers films from mum
Signed Tracey Emin book from my friend Katie
And of COURSE the Cinderella shoes came home with me!
Did you ever imagine they hadn't?

My very first Horrockses dress from mum! its a lovely 3/4 sleeve cotton wiggle dress with patch pockets and velvet collar!
Vintage makeup/hair/clothes books
Bordello genie shoes and Decca 78 record (presents to myself)
Last but not least,
My second 'very first' item of this post...the most beautiful Confetti Lucite box bag!!
I can't even believe I own this, I've wanted one for so long!
1950s Beaded evening bag
so, I included the shoes twice..... How could I not!!
Look at them! Did I mention they have Cinderella on the insole!

So that was my Birthday, I'm such a lucky girl!
I can't believe I was given such beautiful things!

How has everyone been? It feels good to be back at last!

Love Hollie xx

PS. watch this space for mega Paris Post's!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

American song book.

Morning Guys & Dolls!
Day off today which means blog catch up day!
I had plans to go vintage shopping today, but so far my day has consited of playing dress up and listening to this wonderful CD my beau bought for me.

Whilst I decide weither or not to venture out I thought It about time I debuted this little gem I picked up at a miliatia fair two weeks ago,beautiful crepe dress and what's more..
Its a TWO PIECE! be still my beating heart!
when I reluctantly accompanied my Soldier to yet another military event I never imagined I'd be the one 
bringing home a bargin prize!
The stall I found her on was run by a sweet old man who was clearly far more at home pricing bomb shells and uniform patches as I got my beautiful suit for a tiny £20!
Now onto the details, both dress and jacket are made of beautiful dove grey crepe,
with black beading.
I love the high neck and elbow length sleeves!
There is a little discolouration on the jacket, but that doesn't really bother me, 
I like a little character in my clothes, it shows they have a history.
In these pictures I have also been showing off my beautiful new shoes!
I purchesed these to wear on my birthday, I'm not so sure they will go with my dress but
heck who cares! They could have been taken directly from a 1950s vixen's wardrobe!
I feel very bettie-page-at-a-car-show in them and who wouldn't want to feel like that?

They are the Bordello genie ankle strap and I ordered them from american amazon!

thats all for now, I guess I better put some warm clothes on and venture out!

has anyone else had any vintage luck recently?

Love Hollie xx