Friday, 11 January 2013

Teenage dream

Hello lovelies,
I'm jumping back onto the wagon whilst I have some enthusiasm left. 
I realised I haven't introduced my new love to you all.

Here she is, my beautiful 1950s green and cream Dansette record player!
I'm totally smitten!
I started work later than usual today so I had the morning to do my hair&makeup,take my time over my outfit and bop around my room to my records.
ps. Black sequin Birthday dress hanging on my wardrobe! eek! so excited to wear her!

 I noticed recently that as I mostly post about the events I go to with my Soldier, my outfits, and blog itself to some extent, feel like they don't really show an accurate representation of how I dress in normal daily life. This is one of my favourite outfits. My skirt is one of my best buys, a faux leather circle skirt from h&m sale. It was an utter steal! I also wore my trusty collectif cardigan (how great is the gun embroidery in the earlier picture, I adore it) I paired these with a big elastic belt, ballet pumps.

  As I've never owned a record player before my collection of Vinyl is very modest at the moment, consisting of The Platters, Peggy Lee and a Bing Crosby 78". The singles are my most played,I have a Connie francis and three Bobby Vee, I must of listened to them a thousand times each in the past week! I'm excited to actually have some time to add some more Doo Wop and teenage hits to the collection!
Don't you think the sleeves are just the cutest!

I'm hoping my enthusiasm will last so my little blog will start to feel a little more 'me' and a little less 'reenactment' (most definitely not 'me')

Here's hopin'

Love Hollie xx


  1. I love old records! My dad has a Victrola, and I have a few dozen records. Most of them are 1950's, but I love seeing and listening to the 1930's ones. The hat arrangement on your wall is adorable, by the way.


  2. That is one gorgeous record player!
    Lovely to see your room also - love your hats and suitcases.
    Which collectif cardi is it? They do such beautiful embroidery. I'm currently lusting after one of the Mariella cardis.
    I also think it's time to invest in one of those belts - they make your waist look tiny!

  3. How beautiful! Very jealous over here! I have a record player it's a vintage style one, but sadly not an original. You are looking lovely as ever! So happy about you blogging again! xxx

  4. What a fantastic little outfit and radio! I can't believe you found that skirt at H&M, it really looks vintage.


  5. Oh what a gem of a record player that is! From the lovely hue to the instantly recognizable mid-century design, I'd give it pride-of-place in any room in my house, too.

    You look absolutely gorgeous! That skirt is marvelous - the shape is so evocative of the 50s.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. I want all the hats in the wall! *envy* You are such a classy lady :)

  7. Wow wow I absolutely love your Dansette! :)
    Great blog dear, I stay here!


  8. thank you for all of the lovely comments ladies! I'm really glad to be back especially after reading all of your messages! and hello to Ivy, Nancy and Paula all of your blogs look great! xx