Monday, 21 January 2013

Snow Days.

well I'm sure you've all see the beautiful snowy pictures of London floating
around blogland, it really is like a winter wonderland here at the moment.
As my day off was going to be spent running errands and drinking tea, I dressed to be cosy!
I paired my Freddies jeans with some Dune boots and my newly acquired pendleton 49er 
(finally found one that fits, there just the cosiest, cutest little thing's ever)
I made sure to keep warm with a tan faux fur collar
and a little crochet bonnet with ribbon tie.
My forget me not brooch is one of my favourite's and cost me all of 20p
I also wanted to show two things that made me very happy this weekend. 
The first is the cheeriest little snowman I've ever seen, he made my very dark icy walk home
worth all of the near slips.
The second is the most beautiful sweetheart pin I've ever seen.
My Soldier surprised me with it after a very long migraine filled day at work. 
As you can see there is a US army crest alone, we decided this means he can could have a
pin that matches mine on his uniform lapel.
I love it so much!

Hope you all have a lovely wintery weekend!

Love Hollie xx


  1. Love your 49er! Been on the look out for one for a while myself, but now I have my first pair of Freddies I definitely need one. Nice idea pairing it with a fur collar too, it looks great!
    Glad you're enjoying the snow! :)

  2. Lovely outfit - the browns and blues look great - I would never have thought to pair a fur collar with a Pendleton, but they go so well together!

  3. thank you for the nice comments doll's, I'm completely smitten with my 49er and it was such a steal! I'd been after one for so long but all the ones I found seemed to be far too wide with the shortest sleeves! I found it on the sale rack in rokit! couldnt believe my eyes! Adele if your anything like me you will barely take your freddies off! and Incendiary I'm glad you think the fur work's, you always look lovely in your 49er! xx

  4. That 49er is marvelous! Often they're worlds too big, so it's fantastic that you were able to find a smaller one (and in such a lovely colour combo to boot!). You look gorgeous and certainly ready to face the wintry elements, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Agreed with Jessica, that 49er is marvelous! I love the addition of the fur with it.

    I also love that snowman. He is too funny!


  6. im so jealous of the snow! you look super cute, love the pendleton

  7. That fur collar and dainty forget-me-not brooch off set the 49's rugged look beautifully! I have the same brooch and just love it to bits. What a lovely surprise gift from your sweetheart, even more special for you because of your romance. xx Shauna