Thursday, 17 January 2013

Charity Shop Treasure.

Hey Doll's,
Just a real quick one before I head out to see the wonderful Mr JD Mc Pherson! I can't wait!
But before I go I just wanted to share my unusually successful trip to my local charity shop today.
I headed straight to the record box, sick of listening to the same 3 single's on repeat and desperate to add to the collection! I got a Patsy Cline, The Glen Miller Story (Pennsylvania 6 500 has been on repeat for an hour!) and another which you can see below. I also found this adorable beaded cardigan!
It's black heavy knit with gold and cream beads, this photo really doesn't do it justice.
Initially I thought it was a modern 'old lady' one but looking at the label I'm not so sure, I'm not great at dating but this font looks an awful lot like 1950s/60's. what do you think? either way its super cute and will be keeping me toasty en route to Camden shortly.
Ok, so a slight cheat, this beauty isn't from the charity shop but it was waiting on my door mat when I got home. I won it earlier this week on Ebay. Isn't it divine! I bought it to wear in the daytime on my birthday, now I'm desperate for either a pastel taffeta or an Ivory quilted circle skirt to wear with it!
 Again the pictures just don't do her justice but look how pretty all that beading is!
I also found this record by Deanna Durbin. I hadn't heard of here before today but how could I possible resist a record called 'Sweetheart of Song' and just look at the beautiful inner sleeve! I didn't even notice this until I took it out to play. I might leave it on show inside my record player, 
It's just too pretty to hide away!

Love Hollie xx


  1. Great finds. Have such a great time at JD McPherson's show! He was soooooo good at VLV 15!


  2. What beautiful finds! Very jealous of your Deanna Durbin Record, I adore her! xx

  3. Such lovely finds, your whole blog is so pretty !
    Bethan xx

  4. What marvelous finds, ohhhhh, how I adore your new cardigans! I'd peg that label to be from the 50s or early 60s for sure.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. amazing finds! i never ever found only one beaded 50s cardigan in the thrift store in my country ...
    lucky girl!

  6. Both those cardi's are dee-vine! Can't wait to see you wearing them. xx Shauna