Friday, 25 January 2013

Tiki Anniversary

Tonight as a pre anniversary treat my soldier and I went to Trader Vic's at The Hilton.
needless to say the decor was incredible! I'd really like to spend my life there drinking cocktails
and wearing Hawaiian print dresses please!
I didn't take many pictures as I couldn't fit my camera into my box bag so heres a few from my phone
His&Hers cocktails, so yummy! I've got my eye on one of those cups!
My sweetheart soon realised when it comes to choosing cocktails,
I definitely win that game.
Mine really was delicious and so big I really was ready to party afterwards.

As it goes Beau has been up since 3.30am driving army VIPs around so right now, at 21.30 
he's fast asleep at the side of me and I'm still in a cocktail haze.

It really was wonderful though, I'd highly recommend it!

Hope you're all having a lovely Friday night!

Love Hollie xx

Monday, 21 January 2013

Snow Days.

well I'm sure you've all see the beautiful snowy pictures of London floating
around blogland, it really is like a winter wonderland here at the moment.
As my day off was going to be spent running errands and drinking tea, I dressed to be cosy!
I paired my Freddies jeans with some Dune boots and my newly acquired pendleton 49er 
(finally found one that fits, there just the cosiest, cutest little thing's ever)
I made sure to keep warm with a tan faux fur collar
and a little crochet bonnet with ribbon tie.
My forget me not brooch is one of my favourite's and cost me all of 20p
I also wanted to show two things that made me very happy this weekend. 
The first is the cheeriest little snowman I've ever seen, he made my very dark icy walk home
worth all of the near slips.
The second is the most beautiful sweetheart pin I've ever seen.
My Soldier surprised me with it after a very long migraine filled day at work. 
As you can see there is a US army crest alone, we decided this means he can could have a
pin that matches mine on his uniform lapel.
I love it so much!

Hope you all have a lovely wintery weekend!

Love Hollie xx

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Charity Shop Treasure.

Hey Doll's,
Just a real quick one before I head out to see the wonderful Mr JD Mc Pherson! I can't wait!
But before I go I just wanted to share my unusually successful trip to my local charity shop today.
I headed straight to the record box, sick of listening to the same 3 single's on repeat and desperate to add to the collection! I got a Patsy Cline, The Glen Miller Story (Pennsylvania 6 500 has been on repeat for an hour!) and another which you can see below. I also found this adorable beaded cardigan!
It's black heavy knit with gold and cream beads, this photo really doesn't do it justice.
Initially I thought it was a modern 'old lady' one but looking at the label I'm not so sure, I'm not great at dating but this font looks an awful lot like 1950s/60's. what do you think? either way its super cute and will be keeping me toasty en route to Camden shortly.
Ok, so a slight cheat, this beauty isn't from the charity shop but it was waiting on my door mat when I got home. I won it earlier this week on Ebay. Isn't it divine! I bought it to wear in the daytime on my birthday, now I'm desperate for either a pastel taffeta or an Ivory quilted circle skirt to wear with it!
 Again the pictures just don't do her justice but look how pretty all that beading is!
I also found this record by Deanna Durbin. I hadn't heard of here before today but how could I possible resist a record called 'Sweetheart of Song' and just look at the beautiful inner sleeve! I didn't even notice this until I took it out to play. I might leave it on show inside my record player, 
It's just too pretty to hide away!

Love Hollie xx

Friday, 11 January 2013

Teenage dream

Hello lovelies,
I'm jumping back onto the wagon whilst I have some enthusiasm left. 
I realised I haven't introduced my new love to you all.

Here she is, my beautiful 1950s green and cream Dansette record player!
I'm totally smitten!
I started work later than usual today so I had the morning to do my hair&makeup,take my time over my outfit and bop around my room to my records.
ps. Black sequin Birthday dress hanging on my wardrobe! eek! so excited to wear her!

 I noticed recently that as I mostly post about the events I go to with my Soldier, my outfits, and blog itself to some extent, feel like they don't really show an accurate representation of how I dress in normal daily life. This is one of my favourite outfits. My skirt is one of my best buys, a faux leather circle skirt from h&m sale. It was an utter steal! I also wore my trusty collectif cardigan (how great is the gun embroidery in the earlier picture, I adore it) I paired these with a big elastic belt, ballet pumps.

  As I've never owned a record player before my collection of Vinyl is very modest at the moment, consisting of The Platters, Peggy Lee and a Bing Crosby 78". The singles are my most played,I have a Connie francis and three Bobby Vee, I must of listened to them a thousand times each in the past week! I'm excited to actually have some time to add some more Doo Wop and teenage hits to the collection!
Don't you think the sleeves are just the cutest!

I'm hoping my enthusiasm will last so my little blog will start to feel a little more 'me' and a little less 'reenactment' (most definitely not 'me')

Here's hopin'

Love Hollie xx

Sunday, 6 January 2013

New Year New start!

Hello strangers! how is everyone?
I've been away for so long, had a lovely break with my beau for Christmas and I'm feeling a lot better for it.
I've also received some lovely comments recently, despite my lack of posting which has really lifted my spirits. Anyway I'm back with a renewed enthusiasm and some very exciting things coming up in the near future.
Mine and my soldiers 1 year anniversary(time has flown by) Paris for my Birthday and some exciting shows to go too! 
But for now I just want to wish all you lovely ladies(and gents) a very Happy New Year and I'll leave you with this, the first ever none awkward face picture of us both together!

Happy New Year everyone!

heres to the new year and a fresh start!

Love Hollie xx