Sunday, 1 December 2013

The Dr will see you now..

Good Morning, and Happy December!

This morning whilst having a lazy, online browse I found myself on the Dr martens website.
I haven't looked at the website in such a long time as they bring back clompy memories of my teenage goth days(Don't get me wrong, these are good memories and I loved my knee length D.Ms
but they aren't a brand I thought would cater for the aesthetic I strive for these days)
 that is until now!
I've been looking for some practical and stylish winter shoes for a while now with little success and was surprised to see the beautiful range that Dr Martens have to offer.
They have some truly lovely footwear that would compliment any vintage/rockabilly wardrobe.
I could of listed many more but these are my pick of the bunch
Surya £260
Brogue boots are such a classic and the style I've been after but being the magpie that I am who could resist glitter brogues! Ideal for the festive season

Chelsea boots are another classic and these patent ones are lovely. They make me think of beatniks and Carnaby street
Aggy Blucher £160
As soon as I saw these I fell in love!  They're the ultimate Teddy girl shoes!
Abby shoes £85
Penny loafers are another classic, they look wonderful in patent oxblood!
Arabella £320

My Absolute favourites have to be the Arabella loafer, they come in black and brown and even though they are so far out of my price range a girl can dream! They would be perfect with circle skirts and cosy sweaters for the college girl look that I love or a more hard nosed teddy girl look,with rolled up Freddies and white socks.

Molly jacket £190
I also found they now sell clothing, isn't this checked jacket the sweetest thing!
there's even a dress to match!

Why not enter the 1st advent competition over on the wonderful RetroChick website for your chance to win a massive £200 to spend on a pair of Dr Martens.

I know which would be my choice if I won!
which would you choose?

Love Hollie xxx

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Veronica lake waves and creme puff

 Hey there!
Today I thought I'd show you something I've had for a while now, It's a 1950's Max Factor compact and its just the sweetest thing!
The compact itself is cream plastic with little grey starbursts on the front.
I'm not sure how popular plastic compacts were but I'd never really come across them before now.

it even still has makeup inside! and its original sponge.
I always like it when you find a piece by a brand that is still in business today!

As I had the morning to myself I had time to set my hair, a luxury at the moment what with all the 5am alarms and corporate uniform.
I tried my hand at Veronica Lake style waves and was pretty pleased with the outcome.

I also tried something else new, a polo neck jumper...
I know they're a classic and fairly tame but I never thought I could pull it off before.
Its so cold in London at the moment that worries of looking like a floating head disappeared with the need for warmth!
I'd be really interested to hear how you other vintage ladies stay cosy as the nights draw in?
i find spring and summer easy with cotton dresses and circle skirts but how do you team vintage glamour with more practical needs?

love Hollie xx

Monday, 11 November 2013

Lest we forget

Yesterday my sweetheart and I attended a remembrance service in north London.
it was a beautiful morning and many people came along to pay their respects.
I think these pictures say all that needs to be said...
Despite loving a man in uniform, thankfully I have never had to cope with him being away or in danger.
I cannot begin the imagine the agony and loneliness that comes from having a loved one separated from you for such a long time, in such danger and maybe never coming back.
Many have sacrificed there lives in pursuit of peace, love and freedom, may their sacrifice one day prove to have not been in vein.
I'm  lucky to have my true love safe and sound and with me but many do not have such luxury, I hope on this day and always they will not be forgotten.

we will remember them.

Love Hollie xx

Monday, 23 September 2013

new look..

Hello Lovelies

surprisingly from my absolute silence recently I am still alive.
I had a bit of a sort play around on here a few weeks ago and made myself a fancy new header and page buttons and then seemingly disappeared again.

anyways just wanted to say a quick hello and heres a picture of my newly set short hair.
I do this really annoying thing where I spontaneously hack my hair off luckily this time it worked out well as once cut those 4 inches aint coming back!!

Hope everyone's well!
 and enjoying the new chilly weather as much as I am!

love Hollie xx

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

rainy twinwood!

Hello Again! just a really quick update on my Saturday at twinwood!
it was super fun even with the torrential rain!
my absolute highlight was seeing these guys! they were AMAZING!
Here we are in the 5 minutes it stopped raining long enough to get a photograph!  
I'm wearing my amazing cowboy print western dress and my pirate college jacket.
my honey has started to embrace vintage style recently and looked super handsome
in his Freddies, brown boots and US Navy shirt.
and here is a sneaky one we took on Papa Jones' camera.
moral of the story do not leave us to look after cameras unless this is the outcome you want!
did anyone else go to twinwood this weekend?
I already can't wait for next year when i can stay the entire weekend!
love Hollie xx

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Tram ride back to the 40s!

A few weeks ago my beau and i travelled back up north to visit my lovely mum,
whilst there we took a family trip to the tramway museum in Crich for their annual 1940s weekend.
the weather was on our side and the setting could not have been better. The museum is set out like an old fashioned high street with the wonderfully restored trams traveling from one end to the other throughout the day. There were a few stalls, music in the bandstand and a parade of beautiful old cars.
my honey and I on the bridge.
I wore my newly acquired freddies dungeree dolls with a floral blouse.
ive barely taken these overalls off since they they arrived, love them so much!

lovely old bus outside the wonderfully restored (full stocked) 1940s pub!
Could of caught this one back to London!

beautiful cars in the Parade!
The Boy and I took on the play park to maximum success!
There werent many stalls on site but I managed pick up one of the best bargains of the year!
these two pairs of shoes cost the princely sum of £30 for both.
the pair on the right are lovely 1950s evening shoes, they have the prettiest shaped heel but the
pair in the centre are the real stars, 1940s CC stamped snakeskin peep toe platforms! best of all
they fit!!

I'm going to make a conscious effort to update more regularly from now, I have a whole new room
and if you follow me on instagram you'll have seen my other exciting addition already!

thats all for now!

Love Hollie xx

Monday, 19 August 2013

Chapel of love..

Well yet again, I've been incredibly neglectful of this little blog, but instead of explaining why that is I thought I'd finally update this with some of the lovely this I've been up to recently.

one of the best things to happen was having the absolute pleasure of watching one of my very very dear friends marry the love of her life.
(I should say most of these pictures are courtesy of the very talented wedding photographer, Alan Martin unless slightly blurred then they are thanks to my shaky phone)
the happy couple signing the dotted line!
My honey and I.
4 ruined dresses later I ended up rescuing this 50s brocade dress from the back of my wardrobe!

beautiful table decorations!
Cake made by the father of the bride, cake topper made by the clever crafty bride!

Anna and I joked throughout the run up to the big day that it should be our wedding as I was just as excited as she was! 
This is a picture of our first dance ;)! I imagine it was to our spirit guide, Dolly Parton!

it was such a wonderful, emotional, beautiful day full of good friends free flowing drinks and dancing until the makeup and hair were destroyed!!

Its been two week since the big day and once again I'd like to congratulate my beautiful friend Anna and her handsome husband David on their marriage!

next time my tram ride back to the 1940s!

love Hollie xx

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Take me out to show!

A few weeks ago now, Beau and I met some friends for a day out at the
pue-nostalgia classic car show.
The show was held at 'the lawn' in essexs and despite the weather not being to good there was a great crowd, with a really lovely atmosphere and needless to say many many dream worthy cars!
Here I am with my absolute favourite car of the day!
The things I would give for a shiny red Chevrolet pick up truck!
Another pretty!
I couldnt resist the pinstriping on this little beauty! the interior was completely pinstriped too!!
In a bid to banish the frump I've been trying to be less ridged with outfits and trying to actually
have fun with my clothes again, which at the end of the day is what vintage is all about, isnt it!
For  our day out I wore my freddies, ballet pumps, 50s case bag and the most amazing jacket that I actually forgot I had. Its a vintage varsity jacket with large red collar and a pirate on the back!!
after all that walking we decided to take a little drive to our favourite diner, Bobby Jo's, in southend!
Here is my Boy enjoying a yummy oreo milkshake! if you havnt been, you really must.
the food is to die for and the decoration could not be cuter! all pink and blue booths, checkered floor and a jukebox playing the best of the 50s!
To finish, here is a picture of my beautiful friend Ali and I. I'm looking a might windswept but isnt she a doll!
here you can see my super cute cropped jumper I got from the kelly Brooke range at new look! a sale bargin at £6.00!

Hope everyones well!
that's all for now!


Thursday, 6 June 2013

Brighton Birthday

Well, it's been a while again hasnt it.
I never seem to find the time to update regularly.
anyway.. a couple of weeks ago it was my beautiful house mate, Gillians birthday.
To celebrate we had a girls day out in brighton
we started the day right with a Babycham train breakfast from Hello Kitty paper cups
We ate lunch at a wonderful vegetarian restaurant in the lanes and even managed to smuggle a cake in
to surprise the birthday girl! isnt she the cutest!
After filling our bellies of delicious food and birthday cake we took a stroll along the pier!
My BFF and I were imagining ourselves as old ladies living together by the sea!
It was only natural to take a twirl on the carousel!
For our day out I wore a thrifted wool pencil skirt, my beloved fringed collectif
priscilla jacket and black/white saddle shoes. I just adore this jacket!
whenever I wear it I feel like Dolly, June, Loretta, Wanda and Patsy all at once!
Oh god, if I die please let me come back as a strong 70s country queen!
Post Pose we sort out some souviners in the form of tacky rock, I bought beau some that said 'you plonker' through it! and people say romance is dead!
Here we all are having some birthday drinks on the beach.
We had such a lovely day and it was wonderfull to get out of London
with the girls!
Has anyone been upto anything fun recently?

Love Hollie xx