Sunday, 28 October 2012


Hello again, I've been neglecting my blog for some time now, partly due to working a lot but mostly because I've become really disillusioned with,not only my blog but also my style generally. Since doing a lot of 1940's events with my soldier my clothes have started to feel more like a 'costume'. I was at an event not long ago and with the best intentions a lady told me I had 'beautiful kit' referring to the dress, hat and shoes I was wearing which she assumed to be my reenactment 'costume'. Now I know it was meant as a compliment but it left me feeling sort of removed from my own style and not at all wanting to wear 75% of my clothes. I've spent the past few years building a wardrobe I love and feel myself in,but with one comment I was left feeling like getting dressed in the morning was like putting on a fancy dress costume,I also felt frumpy and a bit silly. By that I mean the instant assumption that what I was wearing was my costume not my everyday clothes made me feel like a little girl that insists on wearing a cinderella dress everyday, not that I think thats a bad thing, I love creating outfits based on different characters but since then I've felt really lost and uncomfortable in most of my clothes. The events seems to have taken the fun out of dressing in beautiful vintage clothes and I'm beginning to lose interest in my 1940's dresses. Has anyone else felt like this? how did you remedy it? 

I really do feel as though I had just settled into myself and was feeling confident and well put together and now I just feel lost.....

Despite all that I had a lovely time in Pickering a few weeks ago and I will try and do a post of my photos a bit later today.

Love Hollie xx 


  1. I have absolutely felt like this. I've been to a few events where people have assumed I'm in fancy dress. I think this time of year is especially bad for it, what with Halloween and all.
    I usually find myself "dressing down" for a bit afterwards, which makes me feel worse! After a few days of dressing more "normal", it feels amazing to be back in vintage attire again. I actually feel more self-conscious in jeans and a tshirt & I only realise how comfortable and confident my style makes me feel until I stop wearing it.
    I guess sometimes you have to deal with stuff like this when you dress a little different. I hope you feel better soon, because darl', you wear vintage so well! x

    1. Thank you so much, i really appreciate that! and it's definitely comforting to know that others feel the same. It has kind of made me fall back in love with the 1950's though (i'v always been more of a 50's girl at heart, its the petticoats!!) hopefully I'll snap out of it soon and find some middle ground between costume and beautiful dresses! your blog is great by the way xx

  2. I completely understand. I actually have a bit of the reverse, which is months of dressing down (due to working at home) which leaves me feeling like a fraud when I finally get to dress up again... I think the best thing to do to remedy it is to either buy or just pick something in your closet that makes you feel fantastic and wear it out. Don't think about dressing "vintage" or dressing "trendy", just think about what you like and how it makes you feel. I think one of the biggest crushes to personal style is trying to look like something else; be it another person, a trend or "vintage" itself. So in other words, give yourself permission to "not" like something or to enjoy something you think you shouldn't like.
    I hope this helps, I think Adele's advice is great too. Hope you feel better soon, :) x

  3. I feel so bad but I completely understand! I also have dresses that I used to wear regularly, but now that I've worn them to reenactment events they do seem a bit costume. What has made me happy lately, is buying modern rayon dresses at the thrift store for cheap. Then I change them around and make them look like dresses I've seen but could not buy or did not fit.
    You should totally go with your love of the 1950's and never-mind the people with such limited imaginations that they think you're in costume!

  4. Sweet dear, I completely understand your feelings, but urge you not to take what the woman said to you as a negative, but rather a positive. I see it as meaning that since you clearly love and have such a solid understanding of the 1940s, you've been able to put together looks every day that most people only associate with reenactment events, movies or other "professional" vintage settings. Be proud of your sense of style and the wardrobe you've built up, and wear it anywhere, any place with confidence knowing that it brings you joy to sport the clothes of such a venerable era (and that you're such a pro at creating amazing period outfits).

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Yes, I have totally felt like this! I get comments *all the time* like "where are you going dressed like that" "are you in a play?" "no really, you must be in a play?" "why would you want to dress like that?". A lot of people are super sweet and just say they love my style but the reality is a lot of people don't understand anything that is different from themselves. Sometimes it gets discouraging and it can feel uncomfortable to be set apart and feel like people think you look silly, but I just think about what I really like. I really like vintage looking clothing I think the styling looks pretty and in the end I would feel worse if I changed my style because I felt judged I think. But sometimes personal style goes through changes and evolves. Let your style be your own no matter what that means and remember you are completely wonderful the way you are.


  6. Hi, I love your blog! I totally understand. I don't do renactments, only because I can't, as I live on a remote island, but, I love the 1940's, and love dressing in the era, but, I am very shy with low self esteem, and frequently change back into "normal" clothes, as I must be the only person here dressing like this. I have just arrived back from holiday with my family, and for the fist time, I asked my husband to take pics of me in black and white, hope fully to start a new blog, as I love looking through yours and your like minded friends, which gives me the confidence to "carry on"! Thank you for your honesty, it helps others. xx

  7. Thank you so much for your lovely messages ladies! it's so great to know others out there feel the same way and your words are really encouraging. I'm still feeling a bit lost and have no idea what i like anymore but i feel alot better from reading these comments. Julie, I'm so glad you enjoy my blog and even more so that it has inspired you to create your own!! xx

  8. Thanks Hollie, I started it lastnight, it's a bit bare, but I am learning as I go along. Hope you are feeling better. xx

  9. I sometimes look at my wardrobe and long to wear something contemporary and a bit Shoreditch-cool, like a lot of my friends. I've even gone so far as to buy a few pieces that aren't vintage-y in the slightest, but they always end up at the bottom of my wardrobe or returned, because I know they don't suit me. What always helps to stoke the engine of my vintage enthusiasm train is to immerse myself in the past - music, films etc. - and I realise that what may look like 'costume' now, was once everyday, and will forever be stylish. I don't think I could say that for many of my hipster buys :)

    Ruby xx