Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Brave son of America

I really love it when you rediscover a band after a while of not listening to them.
I got home from work (I'm really enjoying it!) and after having recommended him to my friend Katie, decided to stick C.W Stoneking on.
My gosh why did I stop listening to him? 

so great! on the subject of great music I have neglected for a while,
Pokey Lafarge is one of my absolute favourites too

to end, can the 'o brother where art thou' soundtrack be the soundtrack to my life,
and can I have George Clooney as a deep south criminal too?

Love Hollie xx


  1. Excellent music choices, so perfect for hot weather I think! I discovered CW Stoneking after hearing his cover of Seven Nation Army, but havent had the chanceto investigate much more. Thanks for the great post :) x

  2. I adore rediscovering a new band (or food, or website, etc) that you once loved but that had fallen off your radar for whatever reason, too.

    These tunes fantastic! I've heard some, but others are new. Enjoyed them all!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Pokey La Farge are excellent! I saw them last year...