Sunday, 5 August 2012

the dress of my dreams

I really don't think there could  be a more perfect dress! I've recently received some exciting news that I can't talk about at the moment until details have been finalised but I think this would be the perfect congratulations gift if anyone has a spare £120 (Rob, make note of this one for Christmas/Valentine/Birthday)
Trashy Diva 'Honey dress'
via Miss Bamboo
Trashy Diva 'Honey dress'
via Miss Bamboo
Just look at that sweetheart neckline encrusted with RHINESTONES!
the fact this dress isn't currently hanging in my wardrobe is just about killing me!
isn't it dreamy?

and on that note I'm off to swoon over it some more
bye for now

Hollie xx


  1. That really is a splendidly marvelous polka dot dress indeed - the rhinestones add such an awesome pop of shimmer and beauty!

    Happiest congrats on whatever your exciting news is!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. That is funny. This was one of my dream dress from their spring line as well. I couldn't get over the rhinestone bust!