Sunday, 19 August 2012

Roll up! Roll up!

Last night Katie and I went back in time to watch a sideshow in 1930s Coney Island, or better known as the London Wonderground, South Bank Festival.
We had tickets to see 'The Royal Family of Strange People' which was held in the most beautiful 1920s spiegeltent I've ever seen! It really was like going back in time to a time when glamourous show girls and handsome strong men were in their heyday!
Via Time Out
all of the following pictures were taken by my beautiful friend katie via the magic of instagram.
the finale of the show, angle grinders and all
the cyclone rollercoster 
Sky Swings
Me at the entrance, I'm wearing my vintage chelsea girl sun dress.
the entire venue was covered in lanterns and fairy lights, it was so magical.
Katie has only just introduced me to the wonder of instagram. She made us look old!
Katie at the entrance looking so pretty!
We had such a lovely night it was definitely just what the doctor ordered,I'd highly recommend anyone around London go and visit before it closes,although now I am completely obsessed with the idea of running away with the circus and being a 1930s show girl.
I'm off to practice the trapeze in a dusty sequined romper and jeweled turban (in my dreams!!)

Hollie xx


  1. This looks like so much fun! I was in Cornwall for the Queen's Jubliee, and there were a few 'strong men' dressed in striped old time looking bathing suits doing acrobatics...the way I just described it might sound odd, but they reminded me of a rinky-dink traveling circus from the 30s, so I loved it! You & your friend both look really lovely, and I adore that poster you two are posing next to! Haha. If you're yearning for a 1930s circus adventure, might I recommend a tv show called Carnivale? It's about a traveling circus during the Great Depression, and it has the most gorgeous sets & costumes, not to mention an entertaining story as well!

  2. This looks amazing and so much fun!! ♥

  3. You both look so wonderfully pretty - perfect outfits for a toasty summer night of fabulous entertainment.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. thank you for the lovely comments ladies! sarah that didnt sound odd at all, it sounds incredible! I've been totally and utterly obsessed with old circus and side show for some time now so I understand the attraction! and yes! carnivale is one of my favourite shows of all time, so painfully beautiful! I wish I was one of the cooch girls so much! xx