Sunday, 19 August 2012

Trust in me

whilst on the subject of last nights fun, one of the acts we saw was Missy Macabre and she is just too incredible for words. She was acting as assistant to the Baron (who is a complete victorian strong man dream) Her costumes were to die for she really was the epitome of 1920s showgirl.

This isnt the act we saw her preform but I had to post it because I'm completly obsessed with this amazing cover version of 'trust in me' from The Jungle Book. Its by Dead Brothers who kind of sound like a side show in musical form.
watching this video makes me feel like my life is so mundane!

Hollie xx

Roll up! Roll up!

Last night Katie and I went back in time to watch a sideshow in 1930s Coney Island, or better known as the London Wonderground, South Bank Festival.
We had tickets to see 'The Royal Family of Strange People' which was held in the most beautiful 1920s spiegeltent I've ever seen! It really was like going back in time to a time when glamourous show girls and handsome strong men were in their heyday!
Via Time Out
all of the following pictures were taken by my beautiful friend katie via the magic of instagram.
the finale of the show, angle grinders and all
the cyclone rollercoster 
Sky Swings
Me at the entrance, I'm wearing my vintage chelsea girl sun dress.
the entire venue was covered in lanterns and fairy lights, it was so magical.
Katie has only just introduced me to the wonder of instagram. She made us look old!
Katie at the entrance looking so pretty!
We had such a lovely night it was definitely just what the doctor ordered,I'd highly recommend anyone around London go and visit before it closes,although now I am completely obsessed with the idea of running away with the circus and being a 1930s show girl.
I'm off to practice the trapeze in a dusty sequined romper and jeweled turban (in my dreams!!)

Hollie xx

Saturday, 18 August 2012

The Doris Day Dress

Recently, as an antedate to the chaos I've been making my way through my Doris Day boxsets. I have to admit to having become abit of a fanatic. I've always adored her but now I cannot stop watching her films or listening to her. For that reason I've pretty much been wearing this dress every day. 
Please excuse my frown, the sun was glaring in my eyes!
I recieved this beautiful pink shirt dress for christmas from my mum. It was slightly too big so I took it in abit along the darts and hey presto a dress Doris her self would of been proud of!

Its the hottest day of the year apparently today here in London and Im going to brave central to pick up a few bits so I paired my dress with white sandals from office a white belt, a vintage basket and my trusty white lillies.
please ignore the lidl bag and washing, tut!

I think its time to brave the heat! Tonight I'm going to see the Royal Family of Strange People at the south bank theatre and I'm really excited, a lovely night out is just what I need.
Hope you all have a fun day in the sun.

Bye for now
Hollie xx

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Suit's You....

At the moment everything seems to be going wrong. Honestly
is everything so tiresome? but no use dwelling, onward and upward as they say and I'm looking forward to october when fingers crossed the solider and I will be going to the 1940s weekend in Pickering, Yorkshire with a few friends. My plans for the weekends wardrobe consist of suits, hats,heels and my beautiful white fur set which I've yet to show. I've already shown my first 1940s suit on here and last night I won my second.

This little beauty will shortly be winging its way to me from across the pond. Isnt it lovely!

the jacket is so well tailored and look at those buttons!

the fur set I mentioned I won a while back and it consists of capelet, headband and heart shaped hand warmer. It really is the film 'White Christmas' in accessory form. Rosemary Clooney eat your heart out! The seller told me the set was purchased by a father as a gift to his daughter to wear on her wedding day, swoon! the only issure is the headband is teeny tiny, but as luck would have it I also recently found a length of white fur that matches exactly. With this I'm planning on turning one half into a halo with elasticated back and with the other I'd love to make a 1950s style headband hat!
I cant even begin to tell you how excited I am for the weather to turn cold so I can wear it with my dreamy new suit!!

Love Hollie xx

ps.all pictures are from the ebay seller. They weren't taken by me.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

the dress of my dreams

I really don't think there could  be a more perfect dress! I've recently received some exciting news that I can't talk about at the moment until details have been finalised but I think this would be the perfect congratulations gift if anyone has a spare £120 (Rob, make note of this one for Christmas/Valentine/Birthday)
Trashy Diva 'Honey dress'
via Miss Bamboo
Trashy Diva 'Honey dress'
via Miss Bamboo
Just look at that sweetheart neckline encrusted with RHINESTONES!
the fact this dress isn't currently hanging in my wardrobe is just about killing me!
isn't it dreamy?

and on that note I'm off to swoon over it some more
bye for now

Hollie xx