Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Friday morning at the crack of dawn I undertook something I have stubbornly fought against for the past five months. That's right, finally my soldier won the war and I camped. We travelled down friday morning and the weather was on my side, after the torrential rain we've had recently, the sun decided to follow us down to Kent. The rest of the boy's were already on site, so when we arrived all we had to do was set up our beds etc. Soon after the boys had to go down for the battle, My soldiers grandparents, cousin and I found a good spot on a hill and settled down to watch.
Just after they'd finished. I think my beau looks an utter dream in his uniform.

After the battle we had a little walk round the huge stalls field, we were both exhausted though and not really in the mood to shop so we headed back to the camp site where it took mere moments for my soldier to thrust a huge rifle into my hands and begin teaching me how to shoot, eek!
The weapons the boys use during shows are all blank firing but they're still a bit scary and still make a hell of a bang! It was so heavy I could barely lift it
this photo is here just for the pure hilarity of my facial expression whilst struggling to pull the bolt back. So un girl power of me but I needed a lot of male assistance during this little lesson.
and another just because as scary as it was I feel quite proud of myself, mostly for being able to hold it up and for not injuring myself/anyone else.
After the guns were safely taken away from me, My soldier and I took Alan's WW2 jeep for a spin around the site. It was really fun even though we nearly broke it, oops! sorry Al!! I think he looks super cute in this picture! So happy to get behind the wheel and try to start convincing me a Jeep would be a really good investment for him to make......
Alison and I watching the Jive Aces
On friday evening we got dolled up (not easy in a tent I can assure you) and went dancing, Jimmy and Alison taught me to do the Charleston stroll and gave me a mini jive lesson. Here we are at the dance Alison is wearing a lovely 1940s dress whilst mine is a pretty Tara Starlet one I got a few weeks back from the sample sale.

No pictures were taken all of Saturday but this is from Saturday night, we got dolled up again but just ended up sitting round the camp fire for a bit, we were too cold and tired for much more. I'm wearing my green parade skirt, brown parade shoes, Tara Starlet VE blouse and the jacket from the uniform my soldier bought me to try and convince me to wear, I'm still unsure.

Sunday we did little more than lounge around on top of a tank as this picture of my beau demonstrates.

and finally this is a picture which shows the font part of the boys display, we had some German POW's staying with us and as you can see here, one was misbehaving.
over all I'm still not sure this is for me but if it means I get to see my boy I guess I'll continue going along. Anyway this has been an extremely text/picture heavy post (I'm making up for lost time) so I'll leave it there. There potentially might be more pictures to come as I have another film to develop, which also includes last nights fun night out watching the Olympic opening ceremony rehearsal!

thats all for now!
Love Hollie


  1. This looks like a lot of fun. Inspite of getting ready in a tent you looking dashing.

  2. thank you! trying to feel glamourous in a field certainly was an experience! it was kinda fun though! xx

  3. All of your outfits are fantastic, in different ways though of course. I especially like the dresses that you and your friend sported to see the Jive Aves. Looks like you had a terrific time!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. The dance photo is really cute, looks like a fun time! x

  5. Ah I love your blog! you're so so pretty :)

  6. Thanks Jessica and Sarah! the jive aces were really amazing and I had alot of fun that night learning to dance! my boys friend even took me for my first jive which I loved despite having to constantly watch my feet!
    and thank you so much for your lovely comment Josefine! I like your blog a whole lot too! xx

  7. Oh my goodness, what a time! I'm so envious that there aren't any re-enactment groups here in Sacramento. We have a few in the Sonoma/Napa area, but not here in Sac, but I so wish we did! I absolutely love your style, and your blog, and these photos are fabulous. Thank you for sharing them :)

    xoxo Coco
    Fancy Drew