Tuesday, 31 July 2012

summer party&pin-up impressions

Tonight is my works summer party so I decided to take my tropical Collectif dress out for a spin (even though the weather outside is far from tropical)
I was waiting for this dress to come in for the longest time and I've been dying to wear it since it arrived.
its a little shorter than I usually like but I'm ignoring that because I love everything else about it so much, here you can see the back and also a back view of my hair, which I have rolled up in the back with a front roll and small victory roll in the front.
How amazing if the neck line and bamboo buckle!! 
(excuse messy wardrobe area)
it definitly makes me feel like a tropical tiki pin-up so heres my best impression!
I better run before I'm late!

bye for now!
Love Hollie xx


  1. Ohh what an amazing dress and you look stunning in it! I love your hair done like that, and your tattoos are just great!


  2. You look ravishing darling! What a gorgeous dress and hairstyle! xx

  3. Ohhhh, it was absolutely worth the lengthy wait, as this tropical frock looks nothing short of smashing on you!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Wow you look totally stunning! and how jealous am I that you get a works summer party! It sounds fabulous and I am sure you were the best dressed there! xx

  5. Loving that dress on you! You look so elegant and exotic. A perfect tiki pinup indeed :)

    xo Coco

  6. thank you for all the lovely comments ladies! you're making me blush! :) sadly a very drunk friend split red wine on this gem :( desperately need to soak it out! it came out a lot already but anyone got any ideas? never fun being the only one not drinking!xxx