Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Holiday Blues

As I mentioned briefly before the lovely family holiday we planned didnt quite go,well, as planned but no use crying over spilt milk as they say so I thought I'd share the very few pictures I managed to take whilst there. I have a few more but they are all from the German occupation museum so I may do a post just for those ones alone.
Little Chapel, Guernsey

on a very rainy day we went to the little chapel, it lived up to its name was was teeny tiny but absolutely lovely even in all of the rain. When my Nana visited in the 1950s and 60s it was only decorated by a few shells, now it is completely covered, inside and out, with bits of broken pottery. The steps outside were completely covered by pottery donated by Wedgwood.
This statue of Mary was in the rock cut into the front of the Chapel. I do love religious imagery.I had high hopes for the gift shop, mostly hoping for a rosary to add to my collection but sadly there wasn't any.
My Nan, Mum and Me
One of the only pictures of people to actually be taken during the holiday, you cant really see but I'm wearing my beloved classic Freddies jeans, a cute little crop top with blue roses on from Asos, black cardi and a cute black heart shaped bag I've had for years. 

The most beautiful old car I saw in a car park. Casually running errands in a classic car, that is the dream!

so, only a little snippet really but I thought I'd add them anyway. I'll be adding another post shortly with my pictures from this weekends War&peace show. 
Bye for now.
Love Hollie xx

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  1. It's always tough when a holiday or other long anticipated event fails to go to plan, or worse, is simply horrible. I'm sorry that you're trip wasn't all you hoped it would be, and appreciate that you still shared some snaps of your time away with us.

    ♥ Jessica