Monday, 11 June 2012

Ball gowns and Bus rides.

As I mentioned before Last week was an intense six days straight at work culminating in a very fun but over done (on my part) night at Blitz party. We didn't get many pictures and what we did get are webcam/ camera phone pictures but once I've collected them all I'll do a post about the night. Anyway after my mammoth working week I had two days off. Sunday was spent sleeping all day,nursing a very sore head and tummy but  today I woke up feeling fully recovered,so despite the torrential rain outside my lovely friend Katie and I decided to venture west to the V&A. We wanted to see the ballgowns exhibition but once we arrived we just had tea and cake and looked at the free exhibitions. After we wandered back to Harrods where they had the most beautiful replica of the Queens coronation dress in the window
here I am with the dress!!
to ward of the wind and rain I wore my beautiful 1940s wool suit trusty mary jane's red hand bag and my new hat.
close up of the dress, it was so beautiful.
you know the deal by now, as soon as a camera is pointed at me my face contorts into the above awkward expression but forgive me this one, I tried out a new hair style today to go with my hat and wanted to show a close up. I did lots of little stand up pin curs at the front and rolled it up at the back
heres the back and also a better look at my hat.
After Harrods we went for a ride on one of the lovely old fashioned buses that are poping up all over London at the moment. It was so much fun hoping on the back and felt just like something from 'A Passionate Woman'. We did the obligatory bus photos

Heres Katie on the bus near Hyde Park. We were really excited the whole way!
After we had gotten thoroughly soaked and frozen we came back home where Katie kindly let me practise my hair styling and makeup on her. I havnt mentioned yet but I'd really like to learn more about vintage hair styling and maybe think more seriously about taking it further, let me know what you think. The following are the pictures we took of the final look, the combo of poor light and my bad camera dont make for great quality but for a first attempt I'm really happy with the results.
(disclaimer: I almost am too jealous to post these pictures because Katie is so unbelievably beautiful and photogentic that my awkward faced self is dying a bit inside, damn having beautiful friends!)
 I used my hot sticks to create a 'Marilyn' 1950s inspired look. I'm actually really happy with how it turned out.
the other side was pinned back behind her ear and curled in on its self, after these were taken we tweaked it a bit so it was more formed curled. For the makeup I just did a pretty standard 1950's look, flawless base,defined brows, liner and red lipstick.
I think we're going to try and make this a weekly thing so I can get some more practice in, we also plan to rope another friend in to take better photos. Let me know what you think to the first go though.
I think I'll leave this very long post at that, I'll do another post this week with some photo's from Blitz.

night night!
Love Hollie xx


  1. The hair & make up looks great! I think you could really go somewhere with it, especially the make up. Yours is always perfect. I love your cute little hat & ruffly umbrella!

  2. You have such classic features. The hairstyle, outfit, makeup, and hat really are quite becoming on you

    I for one don't think that you face is contorted or weird looking.

    As for your friend, you did a wonderful job with M&H.

  3. Your red hair and eyebrows are absolutely stunning. It suits your skin tone so well.