Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Glass Soldiers

I know I said I'd be back with more interesting posts regarding clothes but I just haven't had time/the energy after work to photograph the lovely things I've purchased recently. I will do soon though and then the more fashion related posts will resume, but for now and in the hope of getting my momentum back I thought I'd share these portraits I did for an exhibition in york last autumn. Not too surprisingly the piece was called 'The War Bride' and there were five small paintings in total but for some reason I dont have a scan of the fifth. I did the initial drawings on tracing paper which was then sandwiched between two small pieces of glass with the colour being painted on the bottom piece. They are probably the last drawings I did that I am actually happy with. I had planned on it being an ongoing project eventually showing them in their hundreds but that fizzled out so for now its just the five of them.

I hope you like them, fingers crossed normal blogging posts will resume when the grind stone allows!
love Hollie xx

Monday, 25 June 2012

A few of my favourite things...

Once again my little blog has been somewhat neglected since my last post, this is once again due to working constantly and not having anything fun to talk about. So today I just thought I'd share a few of my favourite video's with you until I have time to do a more interesting post. I just love all the wonderful old footage you find on youtube and spend,what seems like quite a lot of time,watching them!oops! heres a few of my favourites

Frankie Lymon&The Teenagers'Why do fools fall in love' The Frankie Laine Show 1956
I just love the whole skit before they sing!
The Temptations'My Girl' 1965
One of my absolute favourite song's, I'm not sure what show this clip is from but look at that formation dancing!!
Connie Francis 'Lipstick On Your Coller' The Saturday Night Beechnut Show1959
I love Connie Francis so much! I wish I was her, shes so 'sassy'
this video has CD audio laid over for better sound quality but isnt she so great!
Perry Como'Catch a Falling Star'Perry Como Show 1958
This is another of my all time favourite songs, my mum used to sing it too me when I was little
 and it always reminds me of her. This clip is a really goofy version of it but Perry is so fun and the ladies dressed are fabulous.
Al Bowlly'The Very Thought of You'
Last but by no means least!
There wasn't any definitive information with this video but I just had to include it!
how wonderful is Al Bowlly? he never fails to cheer me up and this clip of him is just lovely!!

That's all for now, I hope you enjoyed the videos! I'll be back later in the week with a review of a beautiful book I bought recently, a post of my recent ebay buys and also the fruits of an impulsive holiday shopping spree!

Love Hollie xx

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Blitz party.

I cant believe its been almost a week already, but last saturday night at the end of my intense six day week, my beautiful best friend Kate and I got ourselves all dolled up and went to dance the night away at the special D-Day Blitz party.
Kate and I! the obligatory pre night out photobooth picture.
Kate wore my Tara Starlet floral dance dress and black heels, I did her hair but we stupidly forgot to photograph it better than this! I'm super happy with the result though, doesn't she look a doll?I wore another ebay gem that floated through my door last week, what was simply described as '40s/50s dress' with awful photos actually turned out to be mint condition 1940s with original belt and patch pockets! I love it so much! I paired it with some red suede office peep-toes I found at a car boot and my giant hair lilies.
the boys (and Cat) looking like dreams!
The soldier and his friends were working at the party which basically consisted of standing around Alan's jeep all looking dreamy in uniform! I think they got a fair bit of female attention that night.

      Sin Bozkurt © 
I have to admit to being a massive lightweight pair that with horrific hangovers and you'll understand why I drink so rarely, in fact this was my first night out since easter! we were determined to go a bit wild, which explains why I have no recollection of the above picture being taken, we had a great time regardless!
again I don't remember this moment of passion is the jeep, but here it is! I really love my gal!

to finish here is a picture of my beau and I! I never could resist a GI on leave!

Love Hollie xx

Monday, 11 June 2012

Ball gowns and Bus rides.

As I mentioned before Last week was an intense six days straight at work culminating in a very fun but over done (on my part) night at Blitz party. We didn't get many pictures and what we did get are webcam/ camera phone pictures but once I've collected them all I'll do a post about the night. Anyway after my mammoth working week I had two days off. Sunday was spent sleeping all day,nursing a very sore head and tummy but  today I woke up feeling fully recovered,so despite the torrential rain outside my lovely friend Katie and I decided to venture west to the V&A. We wanted to see the ballgowns exhibition but once we arrived we just had tea and cake and looked at the free exhibitions. After we wandered back to Harrods where they had the most beautiful replica of the Queens coronation dress in the window
here I am with the dress!!
to ward of the wind and rain I wore my beautiful 1940s wool suit trusty mary jane's red hand bag and my new hat.
close up of the dress, it was so beautiful.
you know the deal by now, as soon as a camera is pointed at me my face contorts into the above awkward expression but forgive me this one, I tried out a new hair style today to go with my hat and wanted to show a close up. I did lots of little stand up pin curs at the front and rolled it up at the back
heres the back and also a better look at my hat.
After Harrods we went for a ride on one of the lovely old fashioned buses that are poping up all over London at the moment. It was so much fun hoping on the back and felt just like something from 'A Passionate Woman'. We did the obligatory bus photos

Heres Katie on the bus near Hyde Park. We were really excited the whole way!
After we had gotten thoroughly soaked and frozen we came back home where Katie kindly let me practise my hair styling and makeup on her. I havnt mentioned yet but I'd really like to learn more about vintage hair styling and maybe think more seriously about taking it further, let me know what you think. The following are the pictures we took of the final look, the combo of poor light and my bad camera dont make for great quality but for a first attempt I'm really happy with the results.
(disclaimer: I almost am too jealous to post these pictures because Katie is so unbelievably beautiful and photogentic that my awkward faced self is dying a bit inside, damn having beautiful friends!)
 I used my hot sticks to create a 'Marilyn' 1950s inspired look. I'm actually really happy with how it turned out.
the other side was pinned back behind her ear and curled in on its self, after these were taken we tweaked it a bit so it was more formed curled. For the makeup I just did a pretty standard 1950's look, flawless base,defined brows, liner and red lipstick.
I think we're going to try and make this a weekly thing so I can get some more practice in, we also plan to rope another friend in to take better photos. Let me know what you think to the first go though.
I think I'll leave this very long post at that, I'll do another post this week with some photo's from Blitz.

night night!
Love Hollie xx

Thursday, 7 June 2012

My favourite hat

Once again I've been through a bit of a blogging dry spell. This once again is largely due to working, all the time (six days straight this week, tomorrow is my 5th of 6) So anyway regardless of spending every hour at work I still managed to go home for a very brief visit last weekend. It was so lovely to see my mum and get a little bit pampered. On saturday we went shopping and for lunch. Neither of us found anything other than a small pair of ceramic forget-me-not earrings that match my brooch. 
On the rare days that I have off, therefore am not bound in a horrid tate polo shirt, I need no encouragement to take my favourite outfits for a spin.
The dress I wore on Saturday is quickly becoming my go to outfit. It is an absolute gem that I got from ebay for an utter steal. 
Its original 1940s and I can only assume the bargain price I won it for is due to poor photographs and not much information, all good news for me! This is the top of the dress, it is made from heavy black cotton/linen with white flecks all over, the neckline is lovely with v cut out detail and buttons, it even has big patch pockets which I love. I have a bit of a love affair with dresses with pockets in.

The thing I love most about this dress is that it has a matching cropped jacket! I'm a sucker for a two piece! I paired my sweet little suit with seemed stockings, a velvet belt, my trusty mary janes, forget-me-not-brooch and of course my favourite hat.
I havn't really spoken about it here yet but I really love hats, theyre one of my favourite things too buy and I have the starting of quite a nice little collection (most of which I have to say tend to be a similar style either with fake flowers or netting, such a creature of habit!)

Anyway, my hats don't get nearly enough airing as they deserve but this little boater has had quite a few trips out recently, I got it from the old curiosity shop in Camden market for quite cheaply and I just adore it!my only other purchase whilst at home was another little hat, pink with flowers, I'm sure it'll make an appearance on here soon. 
I'm off to bed now in preparation for another day at work.
night night!
Love Hollie xx