Friday, 25 May 2012

We're all going on a....

Summer holiday.....
I feel like I've been away for an age! My little blog has become somewhat neglected of late. This is largely due to working constantly therefore having very little of interest to talk about (unless you consider a rather fetching 'Tate' polo shirt and an abundance of rude customers interesting)
So, for this reason I thought I'd get back in the saddle, look ahead to my summer holiday and cheer myself up with some online window shopping.

Top of my list is swimwear! I have been desperately searching for the perfect swimsuit/ bikini for such a long time now why cant someone realise this is the perfect swimsuit and recreate it!
Gene Tierney in a bathing suit

until the perfect 1940's suit reveals itself to me I have been looking for a flattering modern alternative.
Hawiian Bikini by
This one is from a German ebay store and despite being a little pricey for me I think I might actually have to splash out on it as the shape it exactly what I've been looking for and the print is so lovely!

next on my list is the perfect sandal! surprisingly this one has proved just as difficult as the swimwear.
these swedish hasbeens are exactly what I want, perfect heel height to wear in the day with a pretty cotton sun dress or shorts but also just as good in the evening with a tropical print sarong dress!
swedish hasbeens
much to my dismay these ones were part of the H&M collaboration range which sold out before I'd even seen them, they now fetch upwards of £100 on ebay!
I think I will just have to keep hoping I find a pair very similar on the highstreet!

alternativly these Lucky Lou shoes would do nicely.....
They have 'true love' hand carved into the heel!! 
I cant even cope with how amazing all of her shoes are but these ones....oh lawdy!!

last on the current holiday wish list is a very wide brimmed straw hat. Once again this is something I've been searching for every year for past god knows how many summers.
Scarlet O'Hara
so what if scarlet is my holiday hat style icon, I really don't think a hat of this size with ribbon tie is too much to ask for........a girl can dream anyway!

I am also hoping to win the sweetest little 1950s holiday set at the moment but thats another story, hopefully I'll win it and then I can show you on here.
On monday my soldier and I are having a day out around London so hopefully I can get my blog back on track and fingers crossed if the weathers nice I'll get some nice pictures at last!

anyway, thats all for now!
Love Hollie xx


  1. Oh my, this is truly a list of wishes and wants! I adore everything you've posted, but the back of those heels is amazing! That and the first (unrealised) swimsuit, wow!
    You must post photos if you end up getting any of these! :)

  2. that swimsuit is incredible isnt it!! why does every shop think EVERY girl wants her swimwear to be just a piece of string! not flattering! and arnt those shoes the most amazing things ever! i want them so much!! i very much doubt ill end up with any of these lovely things but i most certainly will post about whatever I do manage to find! also thank you for following, I adore your blog :)! x

  3. Oh my goodness, that first photo and the first swimsuit is so beautiful! I may need to look into sewing swimwear, as you say it's quite difficult to find something decent. I don't know how difficult it is to make though! Good luck on your hunt :) x