Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Sunny Day Out

Yesterday was the first time the soldier and I had a day off together, without visiting/traveling/having plans in such a long time. We had a lovely lazy morning then braved the sweltering heat to go and be touristy in town.
me at the 'woman of WW2' memorial on Whitehall

We decided to get off the tube at Westminster and have a walk up to horse guards then on through St James' park to the National Army Museum. I guess with us two it's not surprising our day out was pretty centred around the military!
The Soldiers looked so handsome in their uniforms,
 I cant imagine how hot they must of been though!

Neither of us had been into the museum itself so we decided to take a look around, especially since the soldier got in free and I was half price with his military card! bargain! It was really interesting and we were given an impromptu history lesson by a very sweet old man but mostly I just loved seeing the horses!
A beautiful old fan made up of lots of handsome chaps!
After having a look around the museum we crossed over towards St James park,on our way we stopped a the guards memorial statue.

As we walked through the park we came across the most beautiful flowers and I couldn't resist having my picture taken with them!
 Me by the flowers. 
I decided the day out definitely called for a summer dress so I wore my Tara Starlet picnic dress,ballet pumps, vintage basket and my cat eye sunglasses. Due to the tropical weather my hair wouldn't take curls no matter what i tried so I put it in two victory rolls and a large back roll and finished with my favourite cream flowers.
Here's a slightly-awkward-faced close up of my outfit

Pretty flowers!
As we made our way along we suddenly heard music coming from somewhere, only to find once we got closer that the Guards band were practicing for the Queens Jubilee in the nearby Barracks.
Naturally we stopped for a while too watch.
Royal Guards Band!
They were so good displaying some very impressive and synchronized marching formations, They even played the great escape much to my soldiers delight!

Finally we arrived at the National Army Museum after a very long and hot journey, where we proceeded to spend the rest of the day. There was a really interesting War Horse exhibition and lots of rather creepy mannequins lurking round corners. I didn't take any pictures inside except this one of the skeleton of Napoleons favourite horse!

So, That is the end of my lovely sunny touristy day around London with my handsome chap!
we really did have a wonderful day and I for one really relished having him all to myself! 
(sometimes a girl simply doesnt want to share her man with lots dressed as soldiers!)

anyway hopefully it will be a regular occurrence from now on!

Love Hollie xx


  1. What a charmingly lovely summer dress - that neckline is endlessly darling. Thanks for sharing your sunny outing with us, it looks like you had a terrific day.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Looks like you had a lovely day out and you look great in that dress; that neckline is really eye-catching.

  3. You look absolutely lovely in your garden photo. That neckline really works well for you.