Sunday, 6 May 2012

Gun Powder Mills

As I mentioned before I spent this weekend with my soldier at a VE weekend in essex. To say I was a little apprehensive would be an understatement, I have an awful tendency to convince myself I'm going to feel awkward in social situations which inevitably meant I spent most of saturday feeling really uncomfortable and completely out of my depth, the rain and freezing cold really didn't help matters.I'm not really one for camping so we headed back to our hotel to have dinner and warm up before sunday which was set to be alot bigger,busier and better. It was interesting none the less and I watched the boys do a run through before the main battle on Sunday.

                                My beau (right) looking very serious with two of the others.
                                'The British are coming!'

Sunday morning I woke up feeling a lot better about my social skills, so we got ready and headed back over to the site. I wore my overalls,boots and headscarf (with maybe five layers underneath) I did start to feel a little unsure again but then a little boy told me he had seen me on this weeks horrible histories which totally made my weekend, apparently I was making bullets. After that I relaxed and proceeded to have a really lovely day drinking tea, having a look at the displays and making the most of my boy in uniform. At 3o'clock a spitfire did a fly over which was a definite highlight, I've never seen one so close.

                                Me with an absolutely beautiful old police car

Sadly this is the best picture I could get of the spitfire

He always looks so serious, this is one of three in which he was trying to determine his best side, silly billy!

My soldier and I, this is my favourite from the day I think as it's our first proper picture together. All in all sunday was a lot better than I had expected after saturdays miserable start. Im not sure me and the world of reenactments are a perfect fit but I sure had fun today, I don't think I will ever be the camping type though.....

Hollie xx

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  1. You both look wonderful! Aside from actual historical parks (with paid employees and such), there are exceedingly few period reenactments here in Canada, which is a shame, as I've always wanted to take part in one (or hundred, you know, whatever works ;D). As such, I just can't get enough of snaps like these taken from the UK were reenactments are much more the norm.

    Wishing you a fantastic Monday & week ahead,
    ♥ Jessica