Friday, 11 May 2012

1930s dream

On Saturday whilst at the VE event, my dear mum was busily bidding on a few items for me on ebay. One of which (and the only one we won) was this beautiful 1930s evening dress. It was abit of an impulse buy on both mine and mums parts and once home,having already won it, I was horrified to read the words 'horrendously marked' in the description. When it arrived on Wednesday I couldnt bring myself to open it for fear of what I might see. Finally just before bed,having resigned myself to the fact it was probably beyond repair and a waste of money I opened the package, to my utter surprise and absolute delight it was PERFECT! the marks the seller described turned out to be speckled water marks, which admittedly are extensive, but thankfully are also invisible when it is on.

Having sighed a big sigh of relief I tentatively wriggled into it, feeling sure that despite the marks not being an issue, the size probably would be. But no, once again my lovely dress surprised me and fit asif it were made for me. It is made of beautiful powdery blue satin, with classic mid puffed sleeves, smocked front and a floor length bias cut skirt that makes me feel like a 1930s film star!

the back is equally lovely with a deep v neck and big bow sash. I have spent all week hopelessly staring at my wardrobe wondering what on earth I will wear to the next blitz party, it's set to be even bigger commemorating  D-Day. Once I had tried on this little gem I knew I was onto a definite winner!

I'll leave this happy post with this picture of me pretending to be a 1930s starlet and many heartfelt thanks to the ebay gods that my dress wasnt a complete lost cause!

Hollie xx


  1. How elegantly, captivatingly beautiful! That does sound like a thoroughly harrowing tale though - thank goodness the dress turned out to be wearable in the end.

    Wishing you a gorgeous weekend,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Wow, what a stunning dress! Very glamourous indeed, you look amazing! :)

  3. thank you both for you lovely comments! I'm absolutly delighted Its in such good condition, and i absolutly can't wait to wear it out on the tiles! hope you're both well and having a nice weekend
    Hollie xxx

  4. That was a lucky buy and it suits you perfectly, just like it was made for you.

  5. First, let me say that dress is stunning on you. That pale blue with your skin tone is just lovely.

    Second, you have received an award over on my blog.


  6. Oh my, you look just stunning. I can't wait to see all you do with your blog, so glad you started following me so I could find you!


  7. You are beautiful, and that dress looks brilliant on you. Loving the flowers in your head.
    I would like to follow your blog, but I cannot find your google follow.

  8. So beautiful! I'm so glad it wasn't as marked as you thought! I jsut had a rather irksome experience with a dress I bought which had holes all through it... :( Not a happy chappy! Anyway, wow, what an amazing find! x