Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Sunny Day Out

Yesterday was the first time the soldier and I had a day off together, without visiting/traveling/having plans in such a long time. We had a lovely lazy morning then braved the sweltering heat to go and be touristy in town.
me at the 'woman of WW2' memorial on Whitehall

We decided to get off the tube at Westminster and have a walk up to horse guards then on through St James' park to the National Army Museum. I guess with us two it's not surprising our day out was pretty centred around the military!
The Soldiers looked so handsome in their uniforms,
 I cant imagine how hot they must of been though!

Neither of us had been into the museum itself so we decided to take a look around, especially since the soldier got in free and I was half price with his military card! bargain! It was really interesting and we were given an impromptu history lesson by a very sweet old man but mostly I just loved seeing the horses!
A beautiful old fan made up of lots of handsome chaps!
After having a look around the museum we crossed over towards St James park,on our way we stopped a the guards memorial statue.

As we walked through the park we came across the most beautiful flowers and I couldn't resist having my picture taken with them!
 Me by the flowers. 
I decided the day out definitely called for a summer dress so I wore my Tara Starlet picnic dress,ballet pumps, vintage basket and my cat eye sunglasses. Due to the tropical weather my hair wouldn't take curls no matter what i tried so I put it in two victory rolls and a large back roll and finished with my favourite cream flowers.
Here's a slightly-awkward-faced close up of my outfit

Pretty flowers!
As we made our way along we suddenly heard music coming from somewhere, only to find once we got closer that the Guards band were practicing for the Queens Jubilee in the nearby Barracks.
Naturally we stopped for a while too watch.
Royal Guards Band!
They were so good displaying some very impressive and synchronized marching formations, They even played the great escape much to my soldiers delight!

Finally we arrived at the National Army Museum after a very long and hot journey, where we proceeded to spend the rest of the day. There was a really interesting War Horse exhibition and lots of rather creepy mannequins lurking round corners. I didn't take any pictures inside except this one of the skeleton of Napoleons favourite horse!

So, That is the end of my lovely sunny touristy day around London with my handsome chap!
we really did have a wonderful day and I for one really relished having him all to myself! 
(sometimes a girl simply doesnt want to share her man with lots dressed as soldiers!)

anyway hopefully it will be a regular occurrence from now on!

Love Hollie xx

Friday, 25 May 2012

We're all going on a....

Summer holiday.....
I feel like I've been away for an age! My little blog has become somewhat neglected of late. This is largely due to working constantly therefore having very little of interest to talk about (unless you consider a rather fetching 'Tate' polo shirt and an abundance of rude customers interesting)
So, for this reason I thought I'd get back in the saddle, look ahead to my summer holiday and cheer myself up with some online window shopping.

Top of my list is swimwear! I have been desperately searching for the perfect swimsuit/ bikini for such a long time now why cant someone realise this is the perfect swimsuit and recreate it!
Gene Tierney in a bathing suit

until the perfect 1940's suit reveals itself to me I have been looking for a flattering modern alternative.
Hawiian Bikini by
This one is from a German ebay store and despite being a little pricey for me I think I might actually have to splash out on it as the shape it exactly what I've been looking for and the print is so lovely!

next on my list is the perfect sandal! surprisingly this one has proved just as difficult as the swimwear.
these swedish hasbeens are exactly what I want, perfect heel height to wear in the day with a pretty cotton sun dress or shorts but also just as good in the evening with a tropical print sarong dress!
swedish hasbeens
much to my dismay these ones were part of the H&M collaboration range which sold out before I'd even seen them, they now fetch upwards of £100 on ebay!
I think I will just have to keep hoping I find a pair very similar on the highstreet!

alternativly these Lucky Lou shoes would do nicely.....
They have 'true love' hand carved into the heel!! 
I cant even cope with how amazing all of her shoes are but these ones....oh lawdy!!

last on the current holiday wish list is a very wide brimmed straw hat. Once again this is something I've been searching for every year for past god knows how many summers.
Scarlet O'Hara
so what if scarlet is my holiday hat style icon, I really don't think a hat of this size with ribbon tie is too much to ask for........a girl can dream anyway!

I am also hoping to win the sweetest little 1950s holiday set at the moment but thats another story, hopefully I'll win it and then I can show you on here.
On monday my soldier and I are having a day out around London so hopefully I can get my blog back on track and fingers crossed if the weathers nice I'll get some nice pictures at last!

anyway, thats all for now!
Love Hollie xx

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Liebster Blog award!

I recently received a message from the lovely Haute Rockabilly Fashionista telling me she had nominated my humble little blog for the Liebster Blog Award! I was so excited when I read this message as after um-ing and ah-ing about making this blog for so long, after having it for only two weeks I've already had such positive feedback and have had some really encouraging comments. HRF was one of the first to message me and I really appreciate her speaking so highly of my blog as if you haven't seen already this ladies page is just crammed full of great style and well written, Interesting posts

The rules for the bestowing of this award are as follows:

1. Thank the person who nominated you
2. Link back to the blogger who nominated you
3. Copy and paste the blog award on to your blog
4. Nominate and pass on the award to five other bloggers who have less than 200 followers
5. Let them know the happy tidings by posting on their blog.

So having only been here only a short time I'm sure all the blogs I follow have already got a well established group of followers so I thought I'd just mention a few that I really love 

Firstly is one of my best friends Katie, she is a super talented artist and despite her blog not being fashion related she definitely deserves this award and a lot more recognition! 

Secondly, I don't think this girl needs any introduction but Fiercest lilliputian is my next choice, she has such great style and I'm incredibly jealous of her strawberry blonde marilyn locks.

Third on my list is The Vintage Knitter, great posts about vintage home/lifestyle and above all else I really wish I could knit, and she's inspiring me to learn!

Forth is The Grande Dame she makes her own clothes! need I say more? and look how great those wide legged trousers are!

Last but by no means least is, Dial V for Vintage  such wonderful outfit posts and generally just a really lovely read!

Ok thats my current top five, I know some of them are above the 200 follower limit but I don't really know that many newer blogs just yet, and non the less they're all great blogs!
Hollie xx

Friday, 11 May 2012

1930s dream

On Saturday whilst at the VE event, my dear mum was busily bidding on a few items for me on ebay. One of which (and the only one we won) was this beautiful 1930s evening dress. It was abit of an impulse buy on both mine and mums parts and once home,having already won it, I was horrified to read the words 'horrendously marked' in the description. When it arrived on Wednesday I couldnt bring myself to open it for fear of what I might see. Finally just before bed,having resigned myself to the fact it was probably beyond repair and a waste of money I opened the package, to my utter surprise and absolute delight it was PERFECT! the marks the seller described turned out to be speckled water marks, which admittedly are extensive, but thankfully are also invisible when it is on.

Having sighed a big sigh of relief I tentatively wriggled into it, feeling sure that despite the marks not being an issue, the size probably would be. But no, once again my lovely dress surprised me and fit asif it were made for me. It is made of beautiful powdery blue satin, with classic mid puffed sleeves, smocked front and a floor length bias cut skirt that makes me feel like a 1930s film star!

the back is equally lovely with a deep v neck and big bow sash. I have spent all week hopelessly staring at my wardrobe wondering what on earth I will wear to the next blitz party, it's set to be even bigger commemorating  D-Day. Once I had tried on this little gem I knew I was onto a definite winner!

I'll leave this happy post with this picture of me pretending to be a 1930s starlet and many heartfelt thanks to the ebay gods that my dress wasnt a complete lost cause!

Hollie xx

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Gun Powder Mills

As I mentioned before I spent this weekend with my soldier at a VE weekend in essex. To say I was a little apprehensive would be an understatement, I have an awful tendency to convince myself I'm going to feel awkward in social situations which inevitably meant I spent most of saturday feeling really uncomfortable and completely out of my depth, the rain and freezing cold really didn't help matters.I'm not really one for camping so we headed back to our hotel to have dinner and warm up before sunday which was set to be alot bigger,busier and better. It was interesting none the less and I watched the boys do a run through before the main battle on Sunday.

                                My beau (right) looking very serious with two of the others.
                                'The British are coming!'

Sunday morning I woke up feeling a lot better about my social skills, so we got ready and headed back over to the site. I wore my overalls,boots and headscarf (with maybe five layers underneath) I did start to feel a little unsure again but then a little boy told me he had seen me on this weeks horrible histories which totally made my weekend, apparently I was making bullets. After that I relaxed and proceeded to have a really lovely day drinking tea, having a look at the displays and making the most of my boy in uniform. At 3o'clock a spitfire did a fly over which was a definite highlight, I've never seen one so close.

                                Me with an absolutely beautiful old police car

Sadly this is the best picture I could get of the spitfire

He always looks so serious, this is one of three in which he was trying to determine his best side, silly billy!

My soldier and I, this is my favourite from the day I think as it's our first proper picture together. All in all sunday was a lot better than I had expected after saturdays miserable start. Im not sure me and the world of reenactments are a perfect fit but I sure had fun today, I don't think I will ever be the camping type though.....

Hollie xx

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Christopher Plummer singing Edelweiss and Liesl's dress are both the stuff of dreams!I've felt this way since the first time I saw 'The Sound Of Music' as a very small child. If only my wardrobe was stuffed full of vintage dirndl's/ general european folk wear, If it were I don't think I'd ever have an unhappy day.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Weekend wardrobe anxiety

As some of you may have read on my 'about me' page that I met my beau at the Blitz Party a little over three months ago, our eyes met across a crowded dance floor and that was it,the rest as they say is history....

Ok, so thats a bit of a fib, what really happened was I had had one too many and he was devilishly handsome, dressed as a G.I. and I decided he was the one for me. What I didn't realise at the time is not only is he a royal engineer in the real army but in his spare time him and his friends do a lot of ww2 reenactment events.

Now, I think its evident even from just two posts that I love vintage clothes/styling and I can't lie,I love my boy in his 1940s uniform's but the world of reenactment is completely alien to me.

On saturday he is taking me to my first event so I can get a feel for it and understand what it's all about before War&Peace in the summer.

Here's where my anxiety kicks in, what on earth does one wear to such a thing? It's one thing wearing beautiful dresses and seamed stockings everyday but I dont claim to be era authentic nor do I have appropriate clothing to spend time in a field especially with the current weather being what it is

As far as I can see I have two weather dependent options

A)rainy and muddy//vintage overalls/head scarf/kneehigh lace up boots

B)sunny and dusty//Tara Starlet VE blouse/Army parade skirt/stockings/mary janes

I'm really hoping its dry so I can wear the second of the two, even though I love my overalls and they are very comfy,they are so far out of my comfort zone I'm not sure I'm ready to go that far yet

Anyway,there is still time to decide and I don't suppose it really matters but at 11pm when I should be sleeping this is what is worrying me!

Has anyone ever been too one of these events? If so let me know what you think and a girls perspective of what to expect would be great!

Hollie xx