Tuesday, 20 November 2012

peer pressure

Ok so I gave into Peer pressure and got twitter, if you've got it come say hey! find me here TheWarBride
also, my boy sent me this picture, isnt it amazing! I kind of want one of those leg pencils!

Hope everyones having a lovely day xx

Monday, 19 November 2012

Leibster award take two

 I've just been given the nicest surprise on this dreary Monday morning at work
I've been lucky enough to be awarded the Leibster blog award again, this time by the lovely
Adele over at My Last Dollar Dress. Her blog is wonderful and she also writes for vintage Manchester  lucky lady! The award is aimed at blogs with under 200 followers!

The rules:
1) Link and follow the blogger who awarded you
2) Blog about the award
3) Give the award to five others (preferably with less than 200 followers)
4) Answer the 11 questions I've asked at the bottom of this post, and then give 11 of your own to the bloggers you've awarded!

so here's my post about it, answering Adele's questions and passing it on.

1) To what extent do you incorporate highstreet/modern fashion into your style?
I think my wardrobe is make up fairly equally of highstreet /modern and vintage clothing. I love the look of 1940s/50's but I just don't have the bank account to accommodate an entire wardrobe. I buy a lot of modern basics ie cardigans/blouses and mix them with my vintage pieces. I'm also in love with reproduction brands like Collectif and Tara starlet. 

2) Favourite place to buy lingerie?
I am mildly addicted to lingerie and buy from all over, I always look for vintage styles even on the high street, as I prefer the look and fit of long line bra's and high waist pants. My favourite pieces are from Debenhams but  I've also found,surprisingly enough, both New Look and Primark often have very vintage inspired pieces very reasonably priced. Of course, I'd love a draw full of What Katie Did but I just cant afford it.Although my lovely soldier did treat me to two beautiful corselette's from there for my birthday.

3) If you were stranded on a desert island, which three books would you take with you?
I'f I were stuck on an island I'd take Forever Amber by Kathleen Windsor, Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier and finally the Vintage Hair styling book by Lauren Rennell's.

4) Favourite place in the world?
I'm not well traveled at all in fact I'm somewhat of a homebird and get homesick most places I go, The only place this isnt true of is Cornwell, my god mother moved there when I was small so I spent much of my childhood visiting her, so much so that it's now home from home. I love the dramatic Bronte esque landscape and being by the sea. My dream would be fisherman's cottage in Cornwall  wood burning stove, my beau and a scruffy dog.

5) You can take anyone's hair (alive or dead) and make it yours - who would you choose?
There are so many ladies hair I'd love to have.
a) Lana Del Rey/ Karen Elson :the things I'd give for Lana's sleek strawberry waves or Karens Bright red locks.
b) Jayne Mansfeild : how does anyone get their hair so perfect?
c) I guess not surprisingly Dita : again how is it possible to have such perfect hair, never out of place never a dropped curl, I ask

6) Do you get more positive or negative attention for the way you dress and how do you deal with it?
Generally it's been very positive, if I'm honest the only negative thing I've experienced was meant as a positive, whilst at a reenactment I was told I had a beautiful reenactment kit which in fact is just my everyday clothes.

7) Favourite type of cake?
I'm not too fussy when it comes to cake but I do love carrot cake and red velvet cake

8) Do you have any hidden talents?
I actually really don' utterly boring of me!

9) Do you want to get married and/or have children?
I hope to get married one day if I can find a gent to put up with me that long,
I really love weddings and my dream job would be helping vintage brides plan their big day but I'm still on the fence about children. I always thought I did want a family but recently now I seem in too minds. I imagine that'd change if I was settled with my own home and the right man.

10) Favourite style era?
I love aspects of each era ranging from 1920's (and before) right up until mid 1960's but with my own daily style choices I don't stray too far from the 1940's or 50's. I love the romance of the 1940's and if you read my blog regularly you'll know I've been attending quite a few reenactment events with my beau, but despite all this I think my heart will always belong to the petticoats and rock n roll of the 1950's (even though my blog rarely reflects this, I must stop only posting when I go to an event!) 

11) Is vintage style something you look for in a partner or do you not mind either way?
I always thought it was really important to me, having a partner as in love with the past as I am, then I met my boy and despite his obsessive ww2 reenactment he isnt really interested in fashion at all outside of uniforms. As much as I'd love him to dress like Gene Kelly everyday, what he wears it really doesnt bother me, between his modern army uniform and his WW2 uniforms he more than makes up for it.

Ok so again this has turned into a massively long post maybe I went into far too much detail, but anyway the people I'd like to pass this onto are

and my questions are:

1)What is your fail safe technique for perfect vintage hair?
2)if you could raid anyone's wardrobe,dead or alive, who would it be?
3)whats your favourite thing about dressing the way you do?
4)which vintage star do you have the biggest crush on and why?
5)what is it about your favourite era that you love the most?
6)what are your makeup essentials?
7)If you could have any job what would it be?
8) what is your most treasured item?
9)what makes you feel the most glamorous?
10)favourite films or band?
11)if you could one piece of advice to someone wanting to build a vintage wardrobe what would it be?

Thanks again to Adele for passing this on, it sure has helped passed my day at work.

Love Hollie xx

Sunday, 4 November 2012

pickering (finally)

 It's been almost three weeks since we made the 7hour journey up north to the annual 1940s weekend in Pickering and I've been meaning to do a post of my picture since then. 
Like I said in my last post I've been feeling a little out of sorts and kind of 'bored' with my blog which if I'm honest is the main reason its taken me so long to add these. 
Anyway I thought it was about time.
 we only managed to get into Pickering on the Saturday, it was unbelievably busy but we still found time to do some posing with the old cars.
my soldier and I
our road trip companions, Alison and Jimmy
Ali and I with a beautiful grey number
'you have really great hair'
 on our way to the stalls this gentleman asked if he could snap us on his old camera, him and the boys then took a moment to admire each others hair.

true love. Ali and I don't stand a chance.
We decided to take a trip to 'Germany' on the beautiful old steam train that was running between villages. Whilst we waited we did some posing on the platform.
our family portrait
hogwarts express?

having some hot chocolate on the dark side.

On the Sunday we had some breakfast in Scarborough(where we were staying) and naturally had a look in the arcades. How amazing is this Elvis slot machine! 

we must of spent about 20 minutes at this game!
So after the arcades we began the long trip home. Overall it was an enjoyable weekend
although the journey time overtook the actual time we spent there which is a shame.
It was definitely one of the more enjoyable events I've been to this year.
I'm still not sure if I'll be going to many more events next year or even where I
stand with my vintage wardrobe but I'll be sure to update my blog a little more often 
(or at least I'll try)

Love Hollie xx

Sunday, 28 October 2012


Hello again, I've been neglecting my blog for some time now, partly due to working a lot but mostly because I've become really disillusioned with,not only my blog but also my style generally. Since doing a lot of 1940's events with my soldier my clothes have started to feel more like a 'costume'. I was at an event not long ago and with the best intentions a lady told me I had 'beautiful kit' referring to the dress, hat and shoes I was wearing which she assumed to be my reenactment 'costume'. Now I know it was meant as a compliment but it left me feeling sort of removed from my own style and not at all wanting to wear 75% of my clothes. I've spent the past few years building a wardrobe I love and feel myself in,but with one comment I was left feeling like getting dressed in the morning was like putting on a fancy dress costume,I also felt frumpy and a bit silly. By that I mean the instant assumption that what I was wearing was my costume not my everyday clothes made me feel like a little girl that insists on wearing a cinderella dress everyday, not that I think thats a bad thing, I love creating outfits based on different characters but since then I've felt really lost and uncomfortable in most of my clothes. The events seems to have taken the fun out of dressing in beautiful vintage clothes and I'm beginning to lose interest in my 1940's dresses. Has anyone else felt like this? how did you remedy it? 

I really do feel as though I had just settled into myself and was feeling confident and well put together and now I just feel lost.....

Despite all that I had a lovely time in Pickering a few weeks ago and I will try and do a post of my photos a bit later today.

Love Hollie xx 

Sunday, 14 October 2012

pickering sneak peek...

just thought I'd show you this until I get chance to do a proper post.
Love Hollie xx

Sunday, 23 September 2012

never tear us apart

has everyone seen the beautiful John Lewis advert?
her outfit whilst riding the bicycle must instantly be recreated!!

She lay down deep beneath the sea

Yesterday my soldier and I went on a day trip to Margate to see the Tracy Emin exhibition at the Turner Contemporary.
Needless to say I loved the show, she has long since been a favourite of mine. The show was lovely (I'm not sure my beau would agree) and the weather was wonderful for a day by the sea!

 After visiting the exhibition we went for a wonder round the old town, there was lots of vintage shops but unfortunately nothing for my dwindling finances. The soldier found an American airforce uniform in one shop which naturally ended up coming home with us but nothing for me!

we found a cannon on top of a hill so did some posing. I wore my new-to-me blue gingham circle skirt, white boat neck top, black cardigan, black ballet pumps, my favourite straw hat and 1950s ceramic forget-me-not broach. I'm so in love with my new skirt, I've hardly taken it off since I got it, it also has a matching sun top and you all know how much I love a two piece!

Heres my beau doing his best cannon fire pose! silly billy!

posing on the cannon, who knew large guns could make such good accessories!
By this time after all that sea air,posing and walking we were in desperate need of a cream tea, so on the recommendation of a local shop owner we made our way to the Walpole Bay Hotel.

you haven't heard of it I really would suggest having a look, the hotel also doubles as a living museum and it just like going back in time! so many incredible objects on display not the mention the beautiful old lift in the main reception!
Overall we had a truely wonderful day which really was exactly what we both needed! When we got home we went to see Lawless which is AMAZING! if you haven't seen it, do! it doesn't disappoint!
I know I said I didn't get anything, but that was a bit of a lie. I didn't get anything vintage because even though there was some beautiful things it really was extortionately priced, but did buy some lovely things from the exhibition, a print of her 'when I was last in love piece' and a tote bag! well worth the overdraft I think!
how have you all spent your weekends?
Love Hollie xx

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Brave son of America

I really love it when you rediscover a band after a while of not listening to them.
I got home from work (I'm really enjoying it!) and after having recommended him to my friend Katie, decided to stick C.W Stoneking on.
My gosh why did I stop listening to him? 

so great! on the subject of great music I have neglected for a while,
Pokey Lafarge is one of my absolute favourites too

to end, can the 'o brother where art thou' soundtrack be the soundtrack to my life,
and can I have George Clooney as a deep south criminal too?

Love Hollie xx

Monday, 17 September 2012

New Job, New Wardrobe

Today I'm finally starting my new job!
It's still for Tate but working on the ticketing/membership desks. At the weekend I panicked about wearing my own clothes everyday (it sounds great I know but really I don't want to wear my beautiful dresses as then they'll become work clothes and lose their sparkle!) so to remedy this I bought a work wear 'uniform' of patterned capris and little cardigans.
Please excuse photobooth pictures, these were taken quickly as I ran out the door.
Today I opted for hounds tooth trousers black top ballet pumps red cardi and a lovely 1950s owl broach my grandma gave me.

wish me luck!
Love Hollie xx

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Britain at War

I'm back, finally. It's been a busy couple of weeks again with little to report other than on saturday my beau and I had a day off together with nothing planned, a rarity!
After I faffed around being cross at my wardrobe/hair/face/everything for two hours we got on the bus planning on ending up at spittlefeild market for a vintage fair. En route the bus got stuck in awful traffic and having been on it for a very long sweaty time we decided to give up, get off and see where we ended up. This is when we stumbled across 'the Britain at war Experience' near London Bridge.
we were unsure if to give it a go or not when we saw the £17.50 entry fee but upon asking for armed forces discount the kind lady let us both in for the bargin price of £7.00 (so many perks to having a soldier for a sweetheart)
1940s Christmas!
Inside the museum everything was a bit old and scruffy and if I'm honest we would of been quite disapointed had we paid £35 entry for us both but it did a certain charm and there were some lovely things on display like this Christmas cabinet which did nothing to calm my already stirring Christmas excitement!
My beau was equally excited when he found this Battle dress in the dressing up section which just so happened to be badged as Royal Engineers! His excitment continued when we found a section dedicated to the R.E, his favourite part was this photo of a sapper who was just 17!!
 Of course my favourite bit was the pretend high street which had some beautiful shop windows, I would do awful things to get my hands on these hats! failing that the lovely hat stands would do! 
Another 'shop' was displaying dresses which upon seeing,I had to hold myself back with all of my might incase I involuntarily broke through the glass, grabbed them all and ran! Don't they know how cruel it is to display original novelty print rayon and crepe dresses behind glass!! and I wont even start on the parachute silk wedding dress!! so close yet so far!

finally, here is another awkward faced photo to add to my blog collection this time casually posing with old Winston. Its the only one we got of me all day before my phone died. Due to my wardrobe/face/hair fiasco in the morning I chose my most comfortable dress, a homemade 1950s cotton  dress in brown check/floral. It is one of the first original pieces I ever bought and really is my fail safe. I teamed it with black belt, cardigan and ballet pumps and my little vintage handbag which was an absolute steal! (especially considering the other day I found a tiny very old mother of pearl hair slide hidden in the pocket!)

anyway, what was suppose to be a quick update has yet again become a very wordy indepth post so I shall leave it there.
what have you all been up to recently? 
any fun outings or found any gorgeous vintage gems?
I'd love to hear about anything you'd like to share, I feel like I've been away for forever again!

Love Hollie xx

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Trust in me

whilst on the subject of last nights fun, one of the acts we saw was Missy Macabre and she is just too incredible for words. She was acting as assistant to the Baron (who is a complete victorian strong man dream) Her costumes were to die for she really was the epitome of 1920s showgirl.

This isnt the act we saw her preform but I had to post it because I'm completly obsessed with this amazing cover version of 'trust in me' from The Jungle Book. Its by Dead Brothers who kind of sound like a side show in musical form.
watching this video makes me feel like my life is so mundane!

Hollie xx

Roll up! Roll up!

Last night Katie and I went back in time to watch a sideshow in 1930s Coney Island, or better known as the London Wonderground, South Bank Festival.
We had tickets to see 'The Royal Family of Strange People' which was held in the most beautiful 1920s spiegeltent I've ever seen! It really was like going back in time to a time when glamourous show girls and handsome strong men were in their heyday!
Via Time Out
all of the following pictures were taken by my beautiful friend katie via the magic of instagram.
the finale of the show, angle grinders and all
the cyclone rollercoster 
Sky Swings
Me at the entrance, I'm wearing my vintage chelsea girl sun dress.
the entire venue was covered in lanterns and fairy lights, it was so magical.
Katie has only just introduced me to the wonder of instagram. She made us look old!
Katie at the entrance looking so pretty!
We had such a lovely night it was definitely just what the doctor ordered,I'd highly recommend anyone around London go and visit before it closes,although now I am completely obsessed with the idea of running away with the circus and being a 1930s show girl.
I'm off to practice the trapeze in a dusty sequined romper and jeweled turban (in my dreams!!)

Hollie xx

Saturday, 18 August 2012

The Doris Day Dress

Recently, as an antedate to the chaos I've been making my way through my Doris Day boxsets. I have to admit to having become abit of a fanatic. I've always adored her but now I cannot stop watching her films or listening to her. For that reason I've pretty much been wearing this dress every day. 
Please excuse my frown, the sun was glaring in my eyes!
I recieved this beautiful pink shirt dress for christmas from my mum. It was slightly too big so I took it in abit along the darts and hey presto a dress Doris her self would of been proud of!

Its the hottest day of the year apparently today here in London and Im going to brave central to pick up a few bits so I paired my dress with white sandals from office a white belt, a vintage basket and my trusty white lillies.
please ignore the lidl bag and washing, tut!

I think its time to brave the heat! Tonight I'm going to see the Royal Family of Strange People at the south bank theatre and I'm really excited, a lovely night out is just what I need.
Hope you all have a fun day in the sun.

Bye for now
Hollie xx

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Suit's You....

At the moment everything seems to be going wrong. Honestly
is everything so tiresome? but no use dwelling, onward and upward as they say and I'm looking forward to october when fingers crossed the solider and I will be going to the 1940s weekend in Pickering, Yorkshire with a few friends. My plans for the weekends wardrobe consist of suits, hats,heels and my beautiful white fur set which I've yet to show. I've already shown my first 1940s suit on here and last night I won my second.

This little beauty will shortly be winging its way to me from across the pond. Isnt it lovely!

the jacket is so well tailored and look at those buttons!

the fur set I mentioned I won a while back and it consists of capelet, headband and heart shaped hand warmer. It really is the film 'White Christmas' in accessory form. Rosemary Clooney eat your heart out! The seller told me the set was purchased by a father as a gift to his daughter to wear on her wedding day, swoon! the only issure is the headband is teeny tiny, but as luck would have it I also recently found a length of white fur that matches exactly. With this I'm planning on turning one half into a halo with elasticated back and with the other I'd love to make a 1950s style headband hat!
I cant even begin to tell you how excited I am for the weather to turn cold so I can wear it with my dreamy new suit!!

Love Hollie xx

ps.all pictures are from the ebay seller. They weren't taken by me.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

the dress of my dreams

I really don't think there could  be a more perfect dress! I've recently received some exciting news that I can't talk about at the moment until details have been finalised but I think this would be the perfect congratulations gift if anyone has a spare £120 (Rob, make note of this one for Christmas/Valentine/Birthday)
Trashy Diva 'Honey dress'
via Miss Bamboo
Trashy Diva 'Honey dress'
via Miss Bamboo
Just look at that sweetheart neckline encrusted with RHINESTONES!
the fact this dress isn't currently hanging in my wardrobe is just about killing me!
isn't it dreamy?

and on that note I'm off to swoon over it some more
bye for now

Hollie xx

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

summer party&pin-up impressions

Tonight is my works summer party so I decided to take my tropical Collectif dress out for a spin (even though the weather outside is far from tropical)
I was waiting for this dress to come in for the longest time and I've been dying to wear it since it arrived.
its a little shorter than I usually like but I'm ignoring that because I love everything else about it so much, here you can see the back and also a back view of my hair, which I have rolled up in the back with a front roll and small victory roll in the front.
How amazing if the neck line and bamboo buckle!! 
(excuse messy wardrobe area)
it definitly makes me feel like a tropical tiki pin-up so heres my best impression!
I better run before I'm late!

bye for now!
Love Hollie xx